Tuesday, March 29, 2011

sooo last year...

today is Mr. Husker's sixty-oneth birthday ... i thought i would celebrate by showing the picture of him seeing What A Wonderful World (that's what the naming block says, but it will always be Mr. Husker's Homestead inside my head) for the very first time...what is that in that corncob?!? is that a ... it IS ... you just HAD to get CU in there somewhere, didn't you?!?
i think that it is safe to say that he really does like his quilt ... he put it on top of their bed - even though those greens and reds do not play well with the rest of the mauve yes, mauve room - and won't let my sister change back to the bedspread ... sometime during the first week after his birthday, she found him lying on top of the quilt, knees up to his chin so his toes wouldn't get scraped on the cows' button/ear tags...

what the h-e-double-hockey-sticks are you doing?!?

huh? what?!? i was trying to sleep...

get off of that quilt!!!


get off of that quilt! you don't sleep on top of quilts!!! you sleep UNDER them!!!

but ... it's my quilt ... i didn't know there were rules...

well, there ARE!!! now get off of that quilt!!!

but ... it's my quilt!!!


grumble ... mumble ... my quilt ... mumble ... grumble

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  1. It is his quilt so he can sleep on top of it if he wishes.....or under it.....or sideways......I think it's fabulous.

  2. I can never see too many pictures of Mr. Husker's Homestead. I'm impressed he calls it a quilt, at my house, my husband calls them blankets. "That's a pretty blanket" "Are you working on a new blanket" "Did you win a ribbon at the blanket show".....UGH!!

  3. I once read a quilt poem: it's okay if you sit on my quilt..etc. i guess that one was not on the label *lol*

  4. I love this quilt!

    I want people to use my quilts just not in the bottom of a dog cage. I guess that's my thing.

  5. It looks great---what we can see of it. Get Mr. Husker to hold it up so we can get a proper look!

  6. That's too funny! What a fun quilt -- and what Molly said LOL!

  7. What a great quilt :-) I'm sure he was happy!