Monday, April 25, 2011

smarter than a fifth grader?!?

i decided that i have too many BOMs and not enough quilts, so i got out these...
Paper-Pieced Saturday Sampler Blocks of the Month
and the embroidered teapots and teacups that i've whined about for the past year ... and i redid the math ... i have no idea why i thought i needed 24 embroidered blocks ... i knew i wanted to set the blocks on point and that i would have 24 paper-pieced blocks of four across and six down, with embroidered blocks for the alternate rows ... i wrote about the setting in my quilt journal but i did not make a diagram which would have shown me in graphite and graph paper that i needed fifteen embroidered blocks, not twenty-four ... sheesh ... i could have stopped whining nine teapots ago ... anywho ... i put all the blocks on the floor and asked Auntia to arrange them the way she wanted cuz this one is for her, too and brought the sashing strips that i've been putting together for the past two weeks cuz i messed up the math on them, too downstairs...four and twenty paper-pieced blocks with five and ten embroidered teapots and a gazillion nine-patch corner stones
and made this much progress before i'd had enough for one night...whose bright idea was this?!?
i don't know why i always underestimate how much time it's gonna take to put blocks together ... this was not a one day project ... i really need to get better at doing the math

no, i am NOT smarter than a fifth grader


  1. That's going to look absolutely wonderful! Remind me to get you an abacus though--LOL!

  2. I LOVE this. What an incredible amount of work all that sashing was though!! I always underestimate the amount of time it is going to take me too!

  3. I underestimate the time everything will take, well almost everything ;)

    I really do love the blue and how you are setting all of these blocks.

    Auntia is a lucky gal!

  4. Well, at least the quilt turned out real nice! Great sashing too. And now you're stuck with 9 teapots? *lol*....

  5. But you're more creative than the average 5th grader. Love it! (Thanks for loving my boys/men--they ARE quite loveable!haha)