Saturday, April 30, 2011

size doesn't matter

Auntia took pity on me and helped take out all of those tiny little pieces of paper from the paper-piecing of Paper-Pieced Saturday Sampler BOM while she watched (and i complained about) American Idol ... Annemiek was right - it DID look like it had snowed indoors - little bits of paper everydamnwhere ... and snippets of thread, too ... all over me, all over Auntia, all over my bedroom ... sheesh ... i went through an entire lint roller, lemmetellya ... and then it was time to trim it for the borders ... i squared the outer edge and left the extra fabric on the setting triangles so Auntia could decide whether or not she wanted them to float inside the inner border or force me to meet a gazillion more points ... but she decided that she doesn't want any borders at all...

what?!? no borders?!?

no ... no borders ... it doesn't need borders.

whaddya mean it doesn't need borders?!? of course it needs borders ... it's only 51" x 74"!!! that's not big enough!!!

big enough for what?

to wrap around you! to keep you warm! to sleep...

i'm not gonna sleep under this one ... i'm gonna hang it on a wall and look at it ... the size doesn't matter.

no, no, no ... that's a myth perpetuated by men who...

i am not gonna use this quilt ... i am gonna look at it ... it is just the right size and it doesn't need borders.

and so ... Paper-Pieced Saturday Sampler BOM is ready for quilting ... but it needs a name cuz PPSSBOM is awkward and not waaaay cool...

Seven of 9

is as done as it's gonna be till i save enough pennies to have it quilted cuz i am not even gonna try to quilt it myself...


  1. Paper piecing is the work of the devil.......I know it is the easiest way to piece itty bitty little pieces but it is so fiddly-diddly.......much work for little result, IMHO. The PP blocks have turned the teapots into a very lovely quilt though!

  2. Oh no...I love paper-piecing, but I take the paper off as I go mostly. I think Seven of 9 will be beautiful hanging on the wall.
    Pat yourself on the back Dianne for another finish!!

  3. I love how 7 of 9 came out! You should be happy she didn't want borders, it makes it be done that much more quickly, right??

  4. Ok, so I know Seven of 9 in the sci fi sense, but how did you arrive at that name for this quilt? And yay -- lots less work for you LOL.

  5. Oh so glad you goterdone! One time when my stitch group had worked on a quilt for a number of years, one member suggested we name it "Sick of the Damned Thing!" It's become a popular phrase in our group.