Sunday, March 27, 2011


this month's Saturday Sampler Neutral BOM meeting coincided with pajama day at The Quiter's Studio ... 25% off the total purchase for showing up in pajamas by 9am ... Auntia had to drink a LOT of coffee to get going that morning...uh ... you have pinwheels on your head ... didja know that?!?
and she was willing to go out in public in her jammies...her dawgs are barkin'
she even ironed them so they would look nice ... but that's not all ... she ironed mine, too...yes, yes ... i can be bought ... but i ain't cheap!
i don't think i will be doing that again ... i just about froze to death cuz those jammies aren't that warm when they're not under a couple of quilts, a velux blanket and flannel sheets ... and those once-pristine pink fluffy slippers picked up a lotta dirt off the floor ... i'm just sayin'


  1. JMHO, but the headband and slippers warrant another 10%

  2. So, how much moolah did you save on Saturday, was it worth it?

    AND how do you number your, would that ever be a time saver for giveaways.....

  3. Haha -- anything for a discount! We used to do a pajama sale in February where we had to stand in line at 5:00 a.m. THAT was COLD and needless to say we're all too old for that now LOL!

  4. Oh wow.....what can I say but....oh wow......have never seen such style in all my born're right, jammies are definitely warmer in bed than out of it!

  5. OMG i did that once! It was more than an hours drive and it was cold and foggy. I forgot to take normal clothes and felt very silly on the way back still wearing pj's! I promised myself NOT to do it again hahaha!!My jammy's ofcourse didn't have flamingo's

  6. Reminds me of what my dear departed mother-in-law used to say if someone asked her: "Are you free tonight?" Her reply: "No, but I'm cheap!"