Friday, March 4, 2011

cuzzin' up a storm

Auntia and i are going to the new Saturday Sampler BOM meeting at The Quilter's Studio tomorrow morning ... i hesitated to sign up for yet another BOM
cuz it eats up so many saturday mornings
and cuz it is a long drive there and back again with gas prices climbing higher
and cuz i find myself waiting till the last minute to put the required blocks together
and cuz i have finished only four of the nine quilts that i've started with BOMs even though i've participated in only 4 sets of BOM meetings
cuz you surely don't think that i'm not gonna make the required and the alternate blocks in another colorway, do you?!?

and cuz some of the people who attend the meetings are not a lotta fun to be around
and cuz some of them are downright mean-spirited

and cuz i don't really need to make another commitment right now
and cuz ... well ... just cuz...

but then i found out that we're gonna be making Hot Flashes ... hmmmm ... well ... all righty then ... i guess i can do that ... and it will be a whole lot more fun than the current Saturday Sampler BOM of neutrals shudder that Auntia talked me into signing up for ... i'm giving my neutral blocks to her cuz she likes beige shudder and has plans for a coffee quilt or sumpin'...

anywho ... i did manage to meet up with Peanut Butter Cup and give Daisy Duke to her...oh look!!! see the little monkey in the background?!?
she didn't want to stand in front of the quilt for a picture ... or behind it ... or to the right side ... or to the left side ... no ... she wanted to be in it...Daisy Duke and Peanut Butter Cup - don't they make a lovely pair?!?
which is why i made it...


  1. Cute pics......Peanut Butter Cup seems to like her new quilt! Can you get the pattern for Hot Flashes if you don't go to the Saturday meetings? Then you could pick your own colours and you wouldn't have to put up with the other 'ladies'.....just saying......

  2. Peanut Butter Cup knows how to use a quilt! What a cutie :)

  3. Adorable quilt and Peanut Butter Cup:) Hope the BOM is more fun than you are expecting!!

  4. BOM are like homework. You wait until the last minute to finish them then throw them in a UFO pile until years later when you look at them and think they will make a great quilt. But I learned how to piece and a lot of shortcuts from BOM classes. I also love show and tell and seeing how many talented people there are. Bottom line BOM is more social than work so enjoy.

  5. She loos adorable all wrapped up in her quilty goodness!!I feel pretty good that I am keeping up with all my BOM's so far, but making them into quilts may be my challenge!!

  6. Well, we've discussed BOMs before and I don't have anything new to add except to say that they are good for getting you out of the house unless you decide to participate in one online--cough, cough--and then there not good for nuthin' 'cept depleting one's bank account since you don't do them monthly like your supposed to

  7. Awwww, now that's what quilting is all about! Little Peanut Butter cup looks adorable all rolled up in her quilt!

  8. Very cute, though I haven't worked out what a BOM is...

  9. Hot Flashes looks very promising. What do you think so far?