Thursday, March 17, 2011

seeing red

but not really...

on the first saturday of march, we went to the first Hot Flashes meeting at The Quilter's Studio ... this BOM has the same rules as the other BOMsSheri's Seeing Red block and the Hot Flashes pattern
$5 fee for the first kit
watch and listen to the demonstration on
how to make the block
show up at 9am on the first saturday of the next mon
th with a completed block - and the new kit is free (no, there is no such thing as a free kit ... or kitten ... but it is fun to think that we're getting something for nothing)
don't show up or show up late and/or without a completed block and pay $5 for the new kit
the BOMer is required to buy the pattern and the background fabric

Auntia and i are sharing the pattern ... she chose a white-on-white fabric with big bubble-looking spots for her background ... my background is w
hite-on-white asterisks
yeah, asterisks
lots and lots of **************'s
cuz i've been th
rough menopause and it ain't for wimps, lemmetellya!!!

this is the reason that i wanted to make the quilt with TQS's BOM kits...Auntia's shaded black fabric
the fabric that The Quilter's Studio will provide is Shades by Kinkame for Clothworks Fabric and it is pretty doggone cool ... it changes shades from selvage to selvage ... but fat quarters would have only half of the shading and that means
the dreaded "Y" word
i love fabric ... yards and yards of fabric ... but i don't want to buy yards and yards of Shades because...
there are at least 17 different colors and i would have to have them all
the fabric looks really cool, but it feels kinda ... icky
TQS cuts fabric off the bolt with a rotary cutter and straight edge instead of tearin
g it on grain ... by the time the fabric is straightened, it is usually an inch or two short on each end
so instead of buying 1/4 yard and having 9 inches of fabric to work with, i have to add another 1/4 yard to be sure that i have 9 inches after it is straightened

and so in these uncertain economic times once monthly BOM meetin
gs it is

Hot Flashes is a waaaay cool pattern ... each of the twelve blocks is named for the fun experiences of menopause ... this month's block is called SE
EING RED ... but the kits don't have red fabric in them...this is MY block
TQS chose to use blue and brown ... Auntia doesn't like the brown, so she bought 1/2 yard of black Shades...this is AUNTIA's block ... and yes, we DO need a new ironing board cover
i tried ... i really and truly tried ... to let the shading fall where ever ... i guess random just doesn't work for me

half of the BOMers didn't show up ... so you'd think that the rest of us could have played nicely together, right?!?
there were fifteen empty chairs - but Ms. ISellBerninas had to sit behind us ... sigh ... the good news - we are not the only mother/daughter team ... there are two others ... and one of those two teams is almost as much fun as we are ... bwah ha ha ha!!!

tomorrow is FNSI ... and i have lots to work on


  1. You could always adopt me and then we could be the mother/daughterss team and show them all what's what.

    I don't do random. The fabric would probably push me further/farther (just which one is it?!) over the edge.

  2. Oooooh, I quite like that....niiiice.....I can do random, but I have to work really hard at it......if you adopt Shannon then I could come along too as your long-lost sister and that would really confuse them......

  3. Adopt me too and then we'll show them!!! Actually I'd probably be more another long-lost sister...sometimes I forget how old I
    I've seen the shades fabric and didn't know exactly how I would use it, but I LIKE how it looks in the blocks, both of them.

  4. Gosh how lovely. One day, I will quilt. Maybe. When I retire.

  5. I like the blocks. I think I like the black better than the brown but I am not a brown girl anyway.

  6. Like it like it like it!!! I know the 'ISEllBernina"types..One of the reasons I never go to the Guild quiltmeetings in my vicinity anymore. They make me pure evil and very agressive...

  7. That pattern is calling my name, especially this month's block, calls at around 3 am, every morning. I finally understand why men trade in their wives for a much younger one after 30 years of marriage. The old wife is stark raving mad with hormones and when the new young wife goes through menopause, the husband will then be too old to care.

    That shades fabric is new to me, but it would drive me crazy, I could not just let it be.... I like both color combos, the black and blue and the brown and blue