Saturday, February 19, 2011

preemptive multitasking

it isn't just for computers anymore

it was friday night and i crocheted...preemptive crochet - for babies yet to come
and prewashed the fabric that may become the rest of HPV not the virus...from preemptive shopping on Black Friday at the FQS whilst halloween fabric was 50% off ... and preemptive color-catching
and we made a quick trip to The Quilt Store for Camelot fabrics the new Jason Yenter line and the book ... but they didn't know if they were gonna carry the line or not ... so we did some preemptive on-line shopping...
oops - no pictures of on-line shopping, but there was a bit of it going on, lemmetellya

dinner was spaghetti and garlic toast ... dessert was marshmallows ... times flies whether you're having fun or not!!!


  1. That's a great bundle of Halloween! What colourway are you looking at in the Camelot range.....or will you be getting every one?

  2. Preemptively great work! Can't wait to see what you do with the Camelot fabric when it arrives.

  3. What? No PSFP?? (Premptive stitching for Pam) Just in case you were wondering!!

  4. Great job with your FNSI! That is a lovely stack of fabric.

  5. I totally forgot about FNSI--bummer, eh? I don't think I even set foot in the Sweat Shop, although I DID work on stitching eyelet lace around my big quilt. Congrats on finishing HPV (not the virus)--that's an awesome accomplishment! If I send you my "kit," would you do mine for me?! LOL! I really must start that someday.

  6. Good idea to get the *pre* emptive work done on FNSI. You got a LOT accomplished.