Monday, February 14, 2011

Singe, Harry, Willie, Josh and the world's biggest marshmallows

look who's all dressed up with nowhere to go...Singe Dragonheart - he's MY man!!!
my dragon in shining armor ... i love Singe ... i really, really love him!

his new suit was a birthday at the end of last month gift from Auntia ... and she gave me these incredibly awesome lovelies...five paper-pieced Harry Potter blocks!!! and a Hogwarts Express journal!!!
the journal is gonna keep track of her ideas and plans and thoughts for the Harry Potter quilt that she is making for me me me me me me... pretty doggone awesome, eh?!?
she gave me a Willie Nelson CD and Planet Earth DVDs, too!!! i took a picture of them, but the covers are too shiny ooo! shiny!!! to see...

and the m&ms gave me these goodies...marshmallows, a lunchbox and Josh! good gosh!
i love my Dots lunch box - it will make a great keeper of treasures ... i have never ever seen such humongous marshmallows in my entire life - and that's a loooong time, lemmetellya ... and now i think that i shall go and listen to Josh crooning and Willie strumming, whilst i sup upon huge marshmallows...


  1. I didn't even know it was your birthday. Hope it was a good one! Looks like it was. What's not to like about giant marshmallows!

  2. Durn it! Happy Belated!!!!

    Those blocks are totally awesome.... Does she know about Jen's "Project of Doom" for HP at Sewhooked?

    I've just started Goblet of Fire. I'm really enjoying the series.

  3. Well, Happy Belated Birthday! How exciting to be on the receiving end of a HP quilt -- what a thoughtful Auntia!

  4. How did I miss this? Happy slightly late birthday wishes! You did well with your goodies!

  5. Ok, you little BRAT how come you didn't tell us it was your birthday? We NEED to know these things. It's not fair for you to be able to know ours and not the other way around!! C'mon girlfriend, fess up!!!

  6. Birthday? You don't look a day older! How come you didn't send out notices ahead of time?! LOL! Well, happy birthday to you! What do you think you'll do with those fabulous blocks?