Thursday, February 17, 2011

last but not least

i placed the last stitches in the last HPV not the virus stitchery today...Toil & Trouble Employment Agency
as i was taking the picture, i realized that i hadn't posted this one...Potting Shed ... for potting pumpkins, not pot
it was stitched before the end of last year - but was misplaced in the Great Pile of Stuff till a week ago...

i thought that i didn't really care when or even if i finished the HPV not the virus embroideries ... i was stitching cuz i like the pattern and cuz i like to hear the needle and thread go pahwoosh and cuz it is fun ... but when i took the last stitch i was really, really happy ... joyous, even ... and i realized that it is more than just funpahwooshingness ... i finished stitching it ... and it may actually be a full-grown quilt someday ... pretty doggone cool, huh?!?

tomorrow is this month's FNSI ... and i won't be embroidering HPV not the virus - ha ha ha!!!


  1. Oh HOORAY for you!!!!!! Your stitches are beautiful!! Happy dance for you :)

  2. I don't believe you about the potting shed not being for "pot"...I know where you live :)

    Can I please apply for the position that's open at the employment agency? I've been feeling like I might be the perfect fit

    Great blocks and even better stitching. Please hurry and make it into a big quilt, pretty please.

  3. Those blocks are such fun, and when it they made into a quilt it will be even funner.

  4. Congrats on finishing HPV, not the virus!! It looks great!! I fear that the only way mine will get done is when I retire, LOL. Maybe I should make it a once a week project, who knows!! Yours look lovely.

  5. is this Hocus Pocus...if sew I have this and I can hardly wait to begin ..your stitching is the orange pumpkin....