Friday, February 11, 2011

bound too bee

there's been a binding bee frenzy around here, lemmetellya...
the Eff Quilt, and 2 baby quilts ... 592 inches of binding at $.25/inch for a total savings of $148 - ha ha ha!!!
the Eff Quilt needed to be outta here and, after waiting more than a month for a certain someone to hand sew the binding to the back, i caved and did it for her ... i think i'll negotiate some kind of trade with her for the $76 worth of binding inches - maybe breakfast in bed or sumpin - ha ha ha!!! ... the small quilts are for baby camo crocheted afghan - i HATED the yarn - and a bassinet-sized quilt
Little Miss Baby Girl For Sure will enter the World on Valentine's Day and her great-auntie dianne sent those little squishies to keep her warm ... the other baby quilt is a bit bigger and is temporarily named Vice Versa and will be joined by a mostly blue flimsy that will be temporarily named Versa Vice cuz some people could make life easier for a nonna, but choose not to ... i'm just sayin'...

and ... drum roll please ... i finished this...i HATED this yarn, too
and i hope that no one ever asks me to crochet another non-flat thing again ... ever

not counting the Eff Quilt (which i only did about 40% of and Auntia's 60% rounds up to 100%, right?) that is ... uhmmm ... a total of eight things so far this year to cross off the to-do list ... not too shabby, eh?


  1. You are so right - NOT TOO SHABBY, EH!!!
    Sending my love. So glad that you are keeping on, keeping on. You Accomplishments are wonderful!!!

  2. You are powering on, aren't you! I like the nice big cardy, it looks very warm. It's not very far round the baby quilts, not so many $$ saved there.....

  3. I wish I could get 8 things done!! I am envious. Love the cardigan. Wanna make me one?? bwahahahaha!!!

  4. WOW -- you're sure getting a LOT done this year! Love that sweater!

  5. Good for you for getting so many bindings done. It certainly would have been expensive to hire it out. You definitely deserve a treat.

  6. You and Thimbleanna, founding mothers of the OAS---Over Achievers Society! Nice work!

  7. I'm amazed! And my achievement is to rake up soggy leaves...