Thursday, August 26, 2010

to tell the truth

i am proud to be an American ... i've never been a flag waver - but i have accepted my responsibilities and performed my duties - some more willingly than others -as Joetta Citizen...

anywho ... on monday night i placed the final few stitches on this quilt for Auntia...
red, white & blue - and tigger, too ... Auntia's picnic quilt finally has the binding on it - woo hoo!!!
during the commercial breaks of Lie to Me ... this is a Bonnie Hunter mystery quilt that i started a looooong time ago ... it is for Auntia's fireworks-watching on the Fourth of July ... it was supposed to be done for this year (okay ... okay ... OKAY ... since i'm telling the truth - it was really supposed to be finished for last year's fireworks display) but i fiddle-farted around and didn't finish it in time ... i quilted fireworks on each of the star blocks and then i did some stitch-in-the-ditching ... i should have spent a bit more time with it (i will not be showing the back of it cuz there are lottsa puckers and wrinkles) - but i was weary of having it stare at me for the past two years ... not one of my better efforts ... but it is finished ... and i will be happy to see it leave my room and take up residence in hers...


  1. LOVE IT!!!! Good for you to finish it up...right on time of course (the quilt wanted to be done now not earlier)--beautimous quilt!!

  2. That looks like a nice easy pattern and a good way to use scraps!

  3. It always feels good to have a finish, doesn't it!!??