Wednesday, August 18, 2010

moose and zukes

my sister embroidered this...hubba hubba
and this...i think i'm in love
on a tea towel just for me on accounta i love muscled moose almost as much as i love zucchini...oooo ... do those moose come in chocolate?
i thought all the zukes were gonna be mine ... but this little stinkpot...Gumdrop and her stitchery
has decided that she likes sauteed zucchini, too ... and now i hafta share ... but i don't hafta share the tea towel cuz she thinks those moose and her nonna are silly ... bwah ha ha!

the Friday Night Sew-In is this friday ... look out PhDs cuz there's gonna be some serious stitching going on around here


  1. Cool embroidery that your sister did. Gumdrop just gets cuter and cuter!

  2. What gorgeous eyes Gumdrop has! I love your hunky mooses.