Saturday, August 21, 2010

bound up

last night i sewed down the binding on this...
no more getting seasick from looking at those wavy stripes
so i could give it to Princess Itty Bitty of the! a pillowcase, too!!!
for her third birthday ... now that Itty Bitty has a quilt that she actually gets to use since her mom won't let her touch this one she can stop borrowing her nonna's quilt...what's that tiger looking at?!?
the naming block is sewn on like a pocket so Itty Bitty can keep a book in it ... by the time i finished sewing my way around the edges, my Friday Night Sew-In had fast-forwarded into saturday morning ... one PhD down and only a gazillion more to go!


  1. That is so cute! I loved those Little Golden Books when I was a child, and my sons had lots too.

  2. Itty bitty is cutie tooty! Cute quilt and pillow case and I like the pocket for the book...I'll have to remember that.