Sunday, August 22, 2010

peach offering

i was feeling kinda guilty after my bad behavior at the beginning of the shop hop ... so i got up early the next morning before the heat started in for the day and made a peach offering...ooooo!!!
peach cobbler is one of Auntia's favorite foods ... she always ordered peach cobbler for dessert at the Black-eyed Pea - she says they make the best peach cobbler in the world ... she loves their cheese broccoli soup, too ... anywho ... we haven't been out to eat much since the Great Economic Downturn which happened for us about ten years before it affected the rest of the world and Auntia really missed eating cheese broccoli soup and peach cobbler ... so four or five years ago i decided to experiment and make it myself ... i tried every recipe i could find for peach cobbler and failed every time ... either it was too pie crusty or too bubbly or too crispy or too whatever ... and then i found this recipe...oh. my. gawd.
she really, really likes it ... it isn't quite the same as Black Eyed Pea's peach cobbler ... but she can eat and eat and eat till she can't eat any more without either of us having to take out a loan for dinner ...peachy goodness
anywho ... i think i have been forgiven ... i used the last of the peaches that were in the freezer from two years ago when the peach tree looked like this...i couldn't mow under those branches for six weeks
and we had lots and lots of peaches ... there are a lotta peaches on the tree again this year ... we've been trying to keep the squirrels those little rats with bushy tails outta the tree till they're ripe enough to pick ... i'm hoping to freeze some peaches - not squirrels for the next time i need to make a peach offering...

and there will be a next time...


  1. I love your peach offering (and the great pun! I heart puns). My current favorite recipe for peach cobbler is in Joy of Cooking using the rolled biscuit recipe for the crust. I'll send it along if you want to try sometime.

  2. Yummo......looks we speak I am eating a pumpkin spice muffin just out of the oven, it's not bad either.....

  3. Oh yummy! That looks so good. Unfortunately, I discovered this morning that I've gained 10 lbs. so it's back to Weight Watchers tomorrow. (I really knew it before I got on the scales, but I was denying it to myself). I love the shark joke and the quilts are so cute.

  4. That looks good!

    You sound like me in my quest to find the perfect banana bread recipe....

  5. I'll have to enlarge that recipe as my DH LOVES peach anything! Thanks for sharing.

  6. Gosh that looks good! I've been buying peaches from Trader Joe's and they're really excellent, but I used the last box making peach jam. I meant to go back and get another box but I keep forgetting. I sure hope they won't be gone by the time I make it there!