Saturday, June 19, 2010

what's all that racket?!?

i've been working on spirit guides this week...moo with attitude
and used the friday night sew-in to work on the buffalo ... he's in cahoots with this guy...where's a seal when you need one?
i half-sized them from these books...from Steamboat Springs, Colorado
which wasn't as difficult as it would have been a year ago ... i did hafta use my math skills, though, which are a wee bit dusty...
i worked on the SS3 BOMs last weekend and came up with this flimsy...more animals ... what's up with that?
and now i hafta turn over the computer to Auntia so she can post her FNSI stuff ... our poor little computer is making the most gawd awful sound kinda like playing cards that have been clothespinned to bicycle spokes and we are limiting our time using it so it doesn't burn up ... the sound is really annoying and i don't like it not one little bit


  1. Oooh I do like the spirit guides! The flimsy turned out well, is the border pieced or printed in a chequerboard style?

  2. The Spirit Guides quilt is intriguing. I can't wait to see how that progresses. It's lookin good so far.

  3. It's looking like a very dificult pattern so sew but you did great!
    Make a backup of all your pc files while you can! I had a pc once that made awefull sounds and then smoke came out, it started smelling and with a loud crack it died instantly...and I mean dead dead!

  4. Hey, look at your new background too! Very nice! I totally forgot about the FNSI, darn it. You did good though.