Wednesday, June 2, 2010

and then there were three

3 flimsies - check
3 backings - check
3 batts - check
3 rolls of binding - check
3 spools of thread - check

ready ... set ... quilt
that's how i roll my bindings - are any of you old enough to remember teletype machines?

Auntia and i joined our first Saturday Sampler in august of 2008 ... i gave my 24 (original colorway) blocks to Auntia and she has completed a flimsy with them - but that is her story to tell and made the same blocks times two in Lakehouse pinks and oranges ... anywho ... my original intention was to make a pink and orange sampler quilt for each of my two granddaughters ... and then i found out that i would have another granddaughter (born april 16, 2009) ... i went a little crazy making blocks for my girls ... and by the time we finished up that Saturday Sampler i had seventy-two pink and orange blocks ... thirty-six of them have become...for LuLufor Gumdropfor Peanut Butter Cup
...the flimsies are 56"x70" ... that should be just about the right size for my babies to wrap around themselves when they are watching a movie or reading a book or having a tea party with their babies ... maybe the flimsies will be quilted and bound by christmas

now ... about those thirty-six remaining blocks ... hmmmm


  1. Whatever you do...don't send them to me. I'm an ungrateful, terrible blogging friend. I totally FORGOT to take the blocks you sent me to Calista's baby shower. Now what??? She says she will get her friends to sign them anyway. Maybe we could get the guests to sign them at Wesley's first birthday party. What do you think?

  2. Still another thirty-six to use? You could hang onto them just in case another little girly comes along and they are needed......or you could make them into quilts for your great-great-great grandchildren to remember you by.......

  3. Fun and awesome! Great work!

  4. Or perhaps one for LuLu and Gumdrop's mama? :)