Tuesday, June 1, 2010

butt kicker

the PPSS BOM blocks are ready for the meeting next saturday morning...rambler and bear paw
the one on the left (rambler - curse the scurvy dog!!!) kicked my butt for four (yes - count 'em - one two three four) hours yesterday ... the kit had a strip of fabric that was just big enough for those little polka-dotted triangles and not even a skosh of an inch for leeway ... i growled a lotta discouraging words that are seldom heard home on the range ...... okay ... okay ... okay ... maybe not so seldom ... Auntia's blocks have been ready since forever ago cuz she's such a showoff


  1. Have to say, I'm beginning to be with you on these blocks, I'm not quite loving those fabrics either....but keep soldiering on, you are doing fine so far......

  2. Why do we do this to ourselves?! The blocks do look pretty, though!!!

  3. I think butt kicker is an excellent name for that block. And I will share a growl over the just-barely-enough fabric grrrr. However, the bear paw is just as handsome as it can be LOVE LOVE LOVE it. Bear paws make me happy. i think I need a whole quilt of these.