Saturday, June 26, 2010

big yellow taxi

when i first moved to this house it didn't have a microwave ... not a big deal ... i didn't use the microwave for cooking ... i just used it to heat up stuff like coffee and frozen dinners and leftovers ... i could live without a microwave ... piece of cake ...... i lasted six days ... i found myself wandering around the kitchen with a cold cup of coffee in my hand and trying to remember what i used to do with cold coffee back when rocks were soft and mist was in the air ... the next day i went to the scratch and dent section of Sears and bought myself a dented microwave whose door didn't hang quite right and had it installed ... it's still working knock on wood ... fast forward ... last week the computer started making a terrible racket ... we took it apart, vacuumed out the insides, and put it back together ... it was still making scary noises that were now accompanied by a cloud of dust floating in the air ... so we unplugged everything from the tower and lived without a computer ... not a big deal ... i don't use the computer for business ... i just use it to blog and read email and surf the Net ... piece of cake ...... i lasted six hours ... i found myself unable to look up on the Internet why the service engine light might suddenly light up on Auntia's car ... and unable to pay bills ... or look at my woe-begotten checking account ... i wandered around trying to remember what i used to do when lights lit up on the car and bills needed to be paid back when rocks were soft and mist was in the air...

don't it always seem to go
that you don't know what you got till it's gone

sing it, Joni!

so we bought a new tower and a printer cuz it was in the toilet, too and Auntia hooked it all up ... and we're back on line ... i'm not sure that i like Windows 7 cuz it wasn't my idea and i can't believe how much basic software costs just so we can write a word document and the scanner scares the beejeebies outta me ... but i know that with trained monkey instructions and a pat on the head and two bananas a day i will learn how to function again ... i've already figured out surfing fabric shops which are off limits on accounta we have to pare down to the bare essentials till we've paid for this thing and i think that i can load a picture ... let's see ...growl ... stomp
yep - there it is ... i dunno why it's so small ... huh ... guess i'll hafta try again...
growl ... stomp
anywho ... i finished piecing the spirit guides and i really, really like them ... i bought the book and pattern years and years ago when they were first printed ... i read the directions and bought the fabric and reread the directions and put it all away ... then i made the quilt flimsy and brought out the book and the pattern and the fabric again ... i read and reread and subtracted and multiplied and added and reread some more - and put it all away ... when i was cleaning the magick shoppe i found all of the stuff again ... i read the directions and figured out the formula for half-sizing, made my calculations and started cutting ... and this time it made sense ... woo hoo!!! these are gonna be pillow shams for European-sized pillows to go with the quilt ... and now i'm gonna see if i still remember how to post a post...


  1. You are doing well, you have figured out how to post pictures and how to turn it on and off, that's a start......have a banana......

  2. Hey, you changed your blog around too. I really like how the spirit guides came out and well, you already know how much I LOVE that quilt (you need to get it quilted you know. I know someone that would love to get their hands on it too)

  3. You lasted longer than I ever could have....

    I really LOVE those blocks!!!!

    I like the new look, too. Isn't it great that Blogger got off their asses and finally made some new designs to rival some of the 3rd Party stuff.

  4. Nothing I read hit home here, I'll come back and read again..the only thing I saw was your NEW BLOG!! It looks so great, it screams summer and summerrain and holidays and good times..I LOVE IT!!!!

  5. Yay! I'm so glad you worked it out, one way or another! Funny how dependent we become on technology, isn't it? See, I think I could probably do without my cell phone -- hey, wait a minute! I don't HAVE a cell phone! -- but most of the other stuff would send me into a panic.

  6. I'm glad you're back. I like your new blog look. I changed mine, too. All by myself. Daughter, Andrea was pleased with me. She gave me an A.

  7. Oké, now I actually read the post. You lived SIX whole hours without a pc?? Amazing!It would last 6 minutes here before everyone gets screamingly mad. Like how your blocks turned out; they look impressive!!
    (did I already tell you I love your new blog? *lol*)

  8. LOVE The Spirit Guides....I've never seen them before, but then again, I could say that about most everything you're one of a kind, that's for sure!