Friday, June 4, 2010

poke a dot

this one is for Carpe Quiltem...who's red and white and loved all over?!?
Annemiek recently won a giveaway ... she says she's never won anything in her life except an incomplete jigsaw puzzle when she was 11 - which wasn't all that long ago ... i'm just sayin' ... and LuLu told me that she (LuLu) wanted to tell her (Annemiek) that we've known all along that she (Annemiek) is a winner!!!


  1. As a blabbermouth I'm never out of words..but I am now. Yes, I'm actually moved :)
    Lulu: you are even more adorable than your lovely outfit.

  2. Stripes and spots in one outfit - that girl has taste! Cute!

  3. Darling! And who could resist red and white and polka dots? Don't you just want to take a bite? Somehow, I don't think I'd look nearly as cute in the same outfit, darn it!