Friday, February 5, 2010

how much longer?!?

the required block for SS3 BOM at TQS is finished...groan
and i keep asking myself how much longer till this BOM is over???
i like the blocks
i hate the fabric that i chose
i like getting a free black fat quarter every month
i'm not crazy about working with templates
it is good to meet other people with like interests
it is not good to hear quilters pick pick pick other quilters' choices and techniques

some saturday morning i'm gonna bring the portable DVD player and make More Than a Gardener and Peggy Perfect watch Bambi ... anywho ... tomorrow is the first meeting for the next Saturday Sampler - it is paper-pieced blocks from Sylvia's Bridal Sampler ... i had to decide whether or not i wanted to commit to another saturday morning each month for a year ... i had to chose between red/white or blue/white ... and i will have to decide whether or not to buy extra fabric for the goofs i will (inevitably) make - actually, that's a given - mistakes will be made and i'll have no one else to blame and extra fabric will come home with me ... i had the book spiraled it took my Kinko guy 4 minutes and 17 seconds which is a new record and i told him there would be a little sumpin' extra on his paycheck - ha ha ha!!! so it will lay flat for copying ... the paper-pieced BOM is so popular with TQS customers that they've opened up an additional meeting ... Sheri has promised that it is easy and fun and that she will walk the walk and talk the talk

Mrs. Rabbit: Thumper!
Thumper: Yes, Mama?
Mrs. Rabbit: What did your father tell you this morning?
Thumper: If you can't say somethin' nice ... don't say nothin' at all.


  1. I don't like templates either. I have a BOM aging in its tub because the finishing kit uses templates too and every time I think about it, it makes me growl grrrrr. I would be very tempted to do the paper pieced sampler though...

  2. I don't like templates. I paper piece my geese, HST's and the like. I always laugh at these BOMs because I know they are designed in mind to get you to buy templates and new products. You almost have to because the amount of fabric strips they include only lend themselves to being pieced using these gadgets. It's the same thing with kits and I don't buy a lot of those. Sylvia's quilt sounds good, though, as I've seen the book.

    I tried to do GAQF's this year, but I quickly dropped out. I thought this year of all without Boy Scout hikes, etc that I would be able to go. I always go by myself, not as much fun, and then sit by my lonesome with all the friendlies around me. I don't like standing in line to get my blocks, but never make it a point to be an early bird so I can be first in line. It's a good way to blow a Saturday.

    I was never in LOVE with any of the quilts, but I went so that I could feel like I was a part of something.

  3. You may not like your chosen fabrics but when it's done it might surprise you.....I think you've made a good choice. I'm with you on the templates though.
    Did Sylvia only have red or blue and white to choose from when she made her wedding sampler? Why the limited colour scheme? Oh.....(smacks self on head)'s to make life easier for the shop owner.......duh.

  4. I bought the Bridal sampler book too. I am interested in making it for my second daughter (for her "someday" wedding. I am not a huge pp fan but will try it as soon as I can settle on colors. I'm with Jennifer, only 2 color choices? Plus I agree with Mr. Thumper and haven't I learned that this week??!! LOL

  5. so what did you decide...are you in or out, red/white or blue/white!