Saturday, February 20, 2010

so ... sew already

last night was the Friday Night Sew-In for february ... and i didn't make any plans this time ... yeah ... i decided to not decide ... go with the flow ... let the dice fall where they may ... let fate decide ... and guess what?!? that doesn't work for me, either!
i wandered about aimlessly for an hour ... and then i baked some cookies ... by the time WWE was on i knew that piecing was out of the question due to the roar of the crowd coming from the magick shoppe where Auntia was working on her BOM blocks ... so i closed the door to my room and put An Echo in the Bone disc 6 in the player ... then i picked up Morgana's Apothecary and started stitching ...
i stitched and stitched and stitched ... through 5 cds worth of Davina Porter telling me the story ... at 1 in the morning i was stabbing my fingers more often than not - the bats and the potions would have to keep till this evening ...... i just finished the last of the french knots...morgana's materia medica
this is what it looked like before the sew-in...
my roof's got a hole in it
i'll be happy to put this one away ... this is the fourth Hocuspocusville block that i've finished ... i have eight more blocks to stitch ... i think i will take a break from them for a while even though i didn't work on Morgana's Apothecary for three months - she was missing in action because i am kinda weary of DMC #3371 and my fingers are sick to death of being stabbed by that sharp little dagger of an embroidery needle ...... last week i managed to finish the machine quilting on Mr. Husker's dinner maker and his herd of cash cows
a very special little buffalo just for my brother-in-law - the Husker fan
when i took it off the frame and started to trim it i became quite ill ... pounding head and angry stomach ... the same thing happened when i trimmed Born to be Wild ... i dunno why ... it could be because i spread quilts out on the floor to make the trimming cuts and leaning over them makes me sick ... or maybe because it scares the beejeebies out of me to take a rotary cutter and whack away at something that is so close to being finished ... anywho ... the binding is machine-sewn to the front and it's waiting for me to hand stitch it down on the back ... maybe i'll start on it tomorrow ...... but now i'm gonna go watch Legend of the Seeker even though the stories are wrong, wrong, wrong and munch another cookie or two


  1. So true about the nervousness in trimming a quilt.... So, that's how you spell beejeebies? LOL

  2. I love the stichery! It turned out great! I had a hard time deciding what to work on Friday night but in the end decided to work on a couple of holiday things that I have wanted finished but didn't actually feel like working on.

  3. The stitchery is fun. I'm with you on trimming a's always a fraught exercise!

  4. I think your stitchery looks great Dianne...very precise! You should challenge yourself to get one block a month done...that seems do-able doesn't it???

    I like trimming a quilt...means I'm almost finished!!

  5. I love your HPV. The cash cow cracked me up and I miss cookies! My big ole ___ doesn't though so more abstaining!!

  6. Wish I had a cookie. I was just thinking...wouldn't it be nice to have a cookie!

  7. Looks like you had a very productive sew-in! That halloween embroidery is so cute!

  8. so that Hocuspocusville you draw that pattern on the fabric then outline it with some sort of embroidery stitch.....I'm fascinated, I checked out the pattern and like the finished project. I don't do embroidery.....but this is tempting. If it was counted cross stitch I would be on it!

  9. quilting and sewing is supposed to lower the bloodpressure and ease the heartbeat. What are you doing wrong?? LOL!!