Tuesday, February 16, 2010

i don't wanna go

the paper-pieced BOM meeting was nine days ago...
i think they put the pink flamingo pitcher up high so i wouldn't break it
we were greeted by those blocks ... up there ... on the design wall ...... i dunno why the design wall is grey - it washes out everything and makes colors look flat ...... anywho, there were those little red and white blocks and the swatches of blue and white fabrics staring at us with evil looks...
wee, wicked little blocks
and Sheri demonstrated how to start putting the blocks together with the blue and white fabrics ... she strongly urged us all to buy a boo boo kit (band aid included) for when not if we mess up ... Auntia had her notebook and spiral and page protectors all together and took notes like she was working on a degree or sumpin and i sat there with the pencil that she loaned me and an index card that came with the first kit and muttered ...... later on we took our book and our foundation papers to copy the pages that we need so far ... i don't think Mr. Kinko is gonna let us back in the store cuz his copiers do not like foundation paper not one little bit ...... Auntia has already named her quilt and has replaced some of the fabric with her own choices and has the first block made ... i'm not gonna show any of her stuff cuz it makes me look bad and she's gonna blog about it someday ... so i guess i oughta take this stuff...not very inspiring, is it?
and make an attempt ... please Mr. Custer, i don't wanna go*

*for the lyrics to this incredibly politically incorrect song go here


  1. Perhaps you will like the fabrics better when you are working with them....have to say, they don't float my boat either. But someone went to a lot of trouble to choose them for you, so you had better be grateful.

  2. Thanks for starting my day with a laugh, I'm not sure why the flamingo pitcher is there at all.....inspiration....??

    I hope Auntia goes back to class with you, classes are serious places where you need to be prepared, take copious notes, and not be distracted by mumbling!!

    After seeing the finished reds I'm eager to see the blues...get with it!

  3. Well, I'd like to go. Is Colorado far from Edinburgh?

  4. Well................you're off to a great start and you sound just like me! LOL

  5. Hahahaha! I was born to be politically incorrect! I'll be looking forward to seeing your work.

  6. I LOVE those blocks...in the red & white, but I'll bet the blue is going to be pretty too....get busy girl!