Saturday, February 23, 2013

snack attack

i have been collecting food fabric for a loooooong time ... and i've always wanted to actually use some of it in a quilt instead of just feeding my fabric addiction ... but i was never inspired enough by a pattern to actually cut into any of it...

i was surfing blogs a few weeks ago and read that Sio at Scraps and Threadtales was distracted by a challenge using linen tea towels as a center medallion...

oooo!!! linen tea towels!!! 
something of which i have absolutely not even one

a medallion quilt!!!
something i have not even one clue of how to make

and of course i went looking for the blog that presented the challenge ... and tripped over it on Mama Spark's blog list ... 15 minutes play

and i thought

and then i spent the better part of an evening or two ... or five searching the Internet for linen tea towels ... there are a LOT out there, lemmetellya ... and it was impossible to decide on just one... 
so i decided to narrow the search by looking for linen tea towels that are also calendars...
specifically calendars for the years my children were born... 

cuz i don't have enough quilt ideas running around inside my head
 and committed to graphite and paper
 and scribbled with crayons on grocery receipts

 anywho, while stumbling around looking for a calendar dated 1982, i found one that said 
Shields Tavern
it was NOT dated 1982 
it was weird colors
and it was not at all what i had decided on in my head
but it DID say Shields... 

and so i bid on it...
and won
and it came in the mail
and when i opened the package i KNEW...


this is gonna be perfect for Michael Myson whose surname is actually Shields in real life
and then i put it away for a couple of days because i had not one single clue of what i could possibly do with those colors that was gonna be something that i thought he would want

mull ... mull ... mull

taverns have food and drink ... i have food fabric 
there's a black and white checkerboard on the towel ... the food fabric has black backgrounds 
Mike loves beer ... i know i can find beer fabric
okay ... maybe a checkerboard of food surrounding the tea towel ... so i took out the towel and found some fabrics for inner borders to stabilize it a bit ... and then i gulped down some air and cut into the food fabric... 


 cut cut cut
sew sew sew
press press press

i'm thinking that it is kinda cool!!!
i got this far when i realized that just 14 different foods was not gonna be enough ... so another seven fat quarters are on their way ... nachos and goldfish crackers and pizza bagels and corn dogs and onion rings and buffalo wings and waffles...

i'm hungry...


  1. Wow! How lucky was that---to find a tea towel with the exact name you needed! It's looking good so far....Keep us posted!

  2. What a fun idea, and how lucky was that find!

  3. I love the towel. When I was a youngster my 4H club sold those towels with the calendars for fundraisers. Every year we gave one to Grandma and she saved them and made me a quilt. It was always a favorite of my kids because it was tied and very soft and fluffy.

    By the way...your little superman is adorable!

  4. How fun! I love your project idea!

  5. I predict that this quilt is going to induce snacking. Love it. Wonderfully original design as always my dear.

  6. You're too funny -- what a lucky find! I love how your piecing mimicks the checkerboards in the towel -- very clever!

  7. I love this idea and your quilt is too awesome, per usual! I am excited to see it progress!!!