Friday, March 8, 2013

bitter beer

Beer is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy.
Benjamin Franklin

i can't say that i actually agree with Ben on that one ... i don't like beer ... maybe cuz it looks the same going down as it does coming back out, and there's just something wrong about that... 


i actually accomplished something in a timely manner...
holy cow - how did this thing get so doggone big?!? it was SUPPOSED to be a LAP-SIZED throw!!!

it's a flimsy!!! and ready to be packed up and sent off for quilting... 

and now i can start on the next idea that just won't get itself out of my head ... it involves another linen tea towel that is actually a calendar - whodathunk?!? and paper-pieced shudder leaves...

yeah ... uh huh ... mmhmmm

paper-pieced shudder leaves...

we'll just see about that...


  1. What a fun quilt.....I love it! Oh wow, you are a brave woman....I know how much you lurve paper pieced leaves......

  2. Brilliant! Amazing! Inspiring! As much as you love him, your son is still a guy. Bigger is better. The quilt is the perfect size for watching ESPN.

  3. You sure found the perfect border for that quit! That looks like a quilt that will be used and loved, not folded on the end of a bed that no one sleeps in. I can't believe how quick you got that done!

  4. A VERY timely manner! My son wpould love it!

  5. Very speedy on that one! It's the perfect MAN cave quilt too LOL!

  6. Love it! I get hungry and thirsty just looking at it.

  7. You did a spectacular job with this!! I like beer. I'm not sure I need a quilt with it on it but I do like a pint from time to time. GREAT guy quilt!!!