Wednesday, February 20, 2013

man of steal

my heart has been stolen by my own personal Super Man
  here are some gratuitous pictures of the little thief guy...

this what he looked like a few months ago...
don't worry, Lois!!! i'm coming for you!!!

 a couple of weeks ago i was changing his diaper and all i could read on his onesie was "ucke" ... he modeled the rest of it for me...
makes you wonder which one of the uncles decided that onesie was appropriate reading material for a baby or a nonna, huh?!?

LuLu loves to hold him ... but that makes Auntia and me very, very nervous...
see Auntia's arm - ready to catch the bouncing baby boy?!?

and one final picture of his bald little head...
not all guys are willing to share their binkies!

he is the sweetest baby boy in my World!!!


  1. He's darling Dianne! And that onesie is awesome!!!

  2. I can see why.....he's a real cutie! That's a great pic of Mother Sucker and Lulu.

  3. Quite the little cutie....I'm seething with jealousy though as I have yet to hold our new little one!