Thursday, January 31, 2013

prime time

wouldn't this make a really cool quilt?!?

today i am 61

which is the last prime number that i can be till six years from now
at which time i will be

the advantage of being 67 over being 61 is that by then i will have been enjoying senior discounts for 2 years

so what good is being 61?!?

not old enough for senior discounts...

too old for the children's menu...

too young for Social Security...

too old to get hired as anything but a greeter at WalMart...

still ... i was born in a prime month
on a prime day
and now i'm a prime number again
and i have been afforded another opportunity to make something of myself

and besides...

i get to wear purple on thursdays 
or any other day

nobody expects me to lift heavy things

i don't have to worry about wrinkles because now i know that they don't hurt and they are a road map of where i've been

young people think it's funny when i accidentally drop the eff bomb

no one tells me that i ought to dye my hair because the silver adds years to my face

no one mistakes me for my children's grandmother

young men think it's funny when i check out their butts

the wives in the neighborhood don't feel threatened when their husbands stop to talk to me

road rage drivers don't get mad at me for driving slowly and stopping for no obvious reason

i have seniority over just about everyone

people think that my being forgetful is kinda cute

and those same people think it's funny when my filters fail and i call someone older than me an old fart or an old bitty

 i can go into 7Eleven at 1 am and buy ice cream bars and honey roasted peanuts, cookies and m&m's, cheetos, fritos and pizza rolls and not have the guy behind the counter give me  a questioning look for my sudden attack of the munchies

not much embarrasses me

i am more grateful than i ever was before 

and those all seem like pretty good reasons to celebrate...

even if i DO have to bake my own birthday cake...


  1. You almost make we WANT to be 61...

    Happy Birthday!!!! Enjoy all those privileges and more!

  2. They are excellent reasons to celebrate! If I was closer I would bake you a cake, so you will just have to pretend I have......happy birthday!

  3. Happy Birthday! The BEST thing about baking your own birthday cake, you pick the flavor and don't have to share it ! Hope you get to squeeze in some fun today, although I get the impression your house is always fun.

  4. A very happy birthday!! I'll remember your post in a few weeks when i turn 57. Not 61 by far (haha) but still...I hope I will be as comfortable with my numeber as you are with yours....

  5. You might as well look for the positives as there's no going back! And you've got a great list there....I'll help Jennifer with the cake.... Then I'll help you to eat it! Happy Birthday Dianne!

  6. Happy, Happy Birthday! I just have two comments about that fabulous list -- we get discouts around here at 55, and you only accidentally drop the f-bomb???

  7. Yes, that would make a really cool quilt. Go for it! Happy birthday! You deserve to celebrate! I enjoyed reading your always!

  8. Uh oh....I'm late! I hope you had a wonderful day and a celebration each and every day in the coming year! Happy, happy birthday!

  9. Happy Birthday my friend! Sorry this is so late. I am so far behind on my blog reading of late! I hope you had a great one! I will be 54 this year. Don't some senior discounts begin at 55??