Friday, January 25, 2013

if you can't say sumpin nice

don't say nuthin at all...
Thumper's mother's words to live by

Mr. Nutz cooling his mmphms on a hot summer day months and months ago ... i have nuthin nice to say about Mr. Nutz ... so i won't say nuthin at all...

we have been hanging out at our not-so-local quilt shop for several years ... we know the owners, have taken a few classes, participated in Blocks of the Month, and spent thousands lottsa dollars there ... so we have had hundreds lottsa opportunities to hear different politically correct ways of saying 
holy crap!!!
U G L Y - you ain't got no alibi! that's ugly!!! 
it looks like a dog chewed it up and spit it out! 
ahem ... interesting take on your block/border/quilt...

my Personal Favorite is uttered by one of the shop owners when she is at a loss of something positive to say regarding a Miscreant Quilter's latest production...

it's your quilt...
which is always followed by a pregnant pause and some serious head-shaking

she utters these words a LOT at the monthly BOM meetings ... and i don't think that Auntia and i are the only ones who know that she is really saying...

tsk. tsk. what were you thinking?!?

anywho ... i brought Awesome! with me to a saturday meeting for show and tell ... i wasn't going to take her because ... well ... because there are some Not Very Nice Quilters in the World and the last thing that i wanted to hear about Awesome! was any Negative Criticism ... not that Negative Criticism would change the way that i feel about Awesome! because i truly did put my Heart and Soul into making her, and she is even better than i had hoped she would be ... yikes ... i just realized that Awesome! is female ... i don't think i've ever made a not-male quilt before ... anywho, Auntia told me that i ought to share Awesome! with the Real World, and so i did...

and then i remembered something that i already knew about me - i am not good with more than one source of audible input at a time ... i can't process everything that everyone is saying around me, and i am uncomfortable when lottsa people are talking at the same time ... which means that the one phrase i heard was... 

"Good use of color."

when we left, i turned to Auntia and said...

seriously?!? good use of color?!?

to which she replied...
it's your quilt... 
ha ha ha!!!


  1. It's a fabulous use of colour, a gorgeous quilt, and I for one love it! And it's your you can love it too.

    I find that saying "hmmmm.....interesting use of colour" is a tactful way of saying "it's well done but not quite my taste".

  2. While reading it was almost as if my friend C and Quilting DD were there. So funny!
    Sometimes when i see a quilt i'd wish i could say what i really think, but I wisely bite my lip and mumble something like 'nice pattern" or so.
    Your Awesome IS awesome and yep....great colours! hahaha!!!

  3. Obviously the more enthusiastic responses were drowned in the din! I've seen "Awesome" and agree that it(she)is perfectly named!

  4. Your writing is awesome and so is your quilt!

  5. This post was funny and sad at the same time. Every time you post about your LQS, I wish they were more encouraging to all quilters.

    Of course you know that I think your Awesome! quilt is FANTABULOUS!