Sunday, January 13, 2013

huff and puff

The Quilter's Studio in longmont has a new saturday sampler ... the rules are basically the same as the past few samplers...

sign up and pay a $5 fee
arrive by 9am on the second saturday of the month
have the assignment from the previous month completed
show your work
watch the demonstration and 
receive the assignment for the next month, along with some of the fabric 

the pattern this time is Old School by Quilt Soup...
Auntia and i  had to buy two of these patterns to participate ... which is kind of silly ... especially since i wouldn't have purchased even one cuz it's ... well ... asymmetrical for crying out loud ... shudder

for the first month, we were handed two fat quarters in our choice of colorways - brights or neutrals shudder...

i didn't like either one ... both of the focus fabrics looked like old lady scarves dated to me ... so i shocked everyone and chose neutrals... 
bwah ha ha!!!

at the first meeting the Neutrals were handed a fat quarter of a solid cream and a fat quarter of a brown floral fabric and told to make the center of the quilt... 

have fun! 
do whatever you want! 
leave it plain! 
piece it! 
applique it! 
applique and piece it! 
try broiderie perse! 
do what ever you want! 
let your imaginations run free!!!

i came up with this...
be free little puffs!!! dance in the wind!!!

sigh ... it goes without saying i was the only one of the Neutrals who saw dandelion puffs  in the fabric ... which is kinda strange since the fabric line is Dandelion Daydream by Maywood Studio 


  1. Well, I love your dandelions! Wassup with those other folkses that they didn't get it?

  2. Bet yours will be the most cre How big is your little dandelion blower block?ative.....symmetrical doesn't do it for me, neither do samplers....I don't know what I like 'til I see it, then there's no doubt!

  3. Oh my...The way you wrote about the "rules" first thought was:"walk away". Why did you sign up???? (neutrals..browns..)Being the rebel in the class again? *lol*
    I LOVE your quiltcenter though; VERY creative and nice. Can't wait to hear about the next meeting :)

  4. I love it! I tried one of those second Saturday deals once. It's still half (or less) done and sitting in a box.

  5. You're too funny! I LOVE that block. I'll bet your class is interesting -- it sounds like there aren't too many independent thinkers at your shop. You can knock their socks off!