Monday, June 13, 2011

moody blues

tuuuuuuesday aaaaaaafternooooooon
i'm just beginning to seeeeee ... now i'm on my waaaay

oh ... right ... not those Moody Blues ... which should be required listening - i'm just sayin'

the Hot Flashes block for june is moody blues ... but it isn't blue...mine
as a matter of fact, there isn't even one little bit of blue...Auntia's
in any of the three blocks that i have seen...Sheri the Shop Owner's
i dunno what the dealio is - seeing red is blue - but moody blues isn't ... what's up with that?!?

something unusual happened at the meeting ... one of the BOMers intentionally sat by me (this never happens ... i am too rowdy ... and opinionated ... and disruptive) and asked me for my name...


we call you the mother and daughter.


all of us who get together ... we were talking about your blue and white quilt ... and we call you the mother and daughter.

oh ... well ... i am dianne ... and this is Melissa ..... but there are three sets of mothers and daughters here...

no way!

way! the EA-Team are mother and daughter, and Hoarse Whisperer and Church Basement Lady* are, too...

i had no idea!

that's cuz they don't make spectacles of themselves ... i'm just sayin' ... is your block pink? my block is pink and i think that Melissa should have changed kits with me cuz hers is periwinkle and she knows that i love periwinkle but she actually hid it from me cuz she didn't trust me to not use the blue and leave her with the pink and it's kinda sad when your own daughter doesn't trust you with a kit, innit? sheesh - and then she made the mistake of actually telling me that she didn't trust me to ... wait ... wait ... where are you going?!?

*i did not say Hoarse Whisperer and Church Basement Lady out loud ... i didn't point, either - i nodded in their directions ... i am not totally asocial


  1. You're so funny! I hope she comes back!

  2. What's wrong with her? She should consider herself lucky to make your acquaintance, I reckon. Perhaps not Moody Blues (I remember them....great stuff) but certainly moody yellows, reds, burgundies, oranges.....

  3. Goose in a Pond, one of my all time favorite blocks, in any color!

    Let's call your new "friend" One of We, or We Number One . . .

    It's a rainy day here today and Cooper has daycare, nothing but fun for us today!

  4. Darn it.... I was kind of hoping you did say it out loud--just kidding!

  5. BAWAHAAAAAAA!! You made me giggle out loud!