Thursday, June 30, 2011

big spender

my garden gloves weren't doing what they're supposed to do ... thistles and thorns were getting through - making me bleed and swear ... i went to squash bugs or slugs and found that their nasty little bodies crunched and oozed their way onto my hands ... and forget about crumpling a dried clod of manure mud - all over the inside and not the outside ...... time to buy a new pair...
my trusty old friends in all their bug-squashing glory ... and The Replacements
why oh why did they stop making working gloves for less-than-manly-sized hands?!? why?!?
but i couldn't find the same brand anywhere ... i need work gloves, not mamby pamby pretty little knitted cotton fluffy things that can't handle bug-squashing and thorny weed-pulling ... those fancy gloves in the picture were as close as i could find to sturdy leather gloves with an extra patch of leather on the palm that didn't swallow my hands ... Auntia found a pair that she thought would work for her ... and she told me that i can have her pink gloves that have never squashed a bug or pulled a thorny weed and are practically brand new and are just like my old blue pair - woo hoo!!!
and suddenly it's hot! too hot to mow ... too hot to clean ... too hot to garden ... and way too hot to cook or bake ...  so we've been slopping together sandwiches or frying an egg or two ... and missing comfort food ... and then we stumbled across a farmers' market that had a little tent canopy over some promising looking bread ... and they were offering free samples...
white chocolate lemon bread ... heaven in a loaf, lemmetellya
oh. my. gawd. i didn't even ask how much - i handed over some money and didn't count the change ... Auntia and i waited till everyone was taking a nap before we cut into the loaf because it is too. good. to. share. 
and this week i went to the same farmers' market and bought two loaves ... and they were worth every doggone one of those 1200 pennies, lemmetellya

and then i started getting complaints (mostly from myself) about the toilet seat ... sigh ... in a moment of wanton, willful and reckless disregard for the state of the economy i bought something that other women my age only dream of owning ... a new toilet seat


  1. By gosh woman, you know how to live it up don't gardening gloves, yummy bread (which would be even yummier with some of my own home-made marmalade on it) and a new toilet seat.....there's no stopping you, is there!

  2. You're too funny -- sounds like you're living large LOL! White chocolate lemon bread huh? Sounds VERY interesting!!

  3. Wowsa, that bread sounds great!! Wanna send some my way?? LOL. I need to buy a new toilet seat too!! How strange.