Saturday, June 18, 2011

the falling leeeeeeeaves

drift by the windooooooow
the autumn leeeeeaves ... of red and gooooold

i looked up the lyrics - i always thought it was my window, not the window ... which means i've been messing up the lyrics to yet another song all these years .... yeah ... we won't even talk about desperado

i have been drafting leaves for the awesome quilt that i finally get to start working on cuz i couldn't find a paper-pieced aspen leaf and cuz i didn't want to pay six dollars each for a maple leaf or an oak leaf pattern ... i always tell myself that i have more time than money ... well, i guess i am willing to work for 29 cents an hour cuz that's how long it took to save twelve oak leaf
i messed up one of the blades of the oak leaf and had to reverse sew and redraft it - but i think i have it fixed ... i have a pattern for an apple leaf table runner that i was gonna use cuz i have apple trees in my yard and it wouldn't be cheating too much ... but i really wanted to make aspen leaves cuz they are the only gold i've found in colorado ... so i changed the apple leaf block from a triangle to a square, and then messed around with rounding it you recognize the maple leaf's fabric, Thelma?
maple, oak, aspen and acorn ... nothing is ever easy
and i even managed to put petioles that's stems for those of us who are botanically challenged on each of the leaves ... last night's Friday Night Sew-In was all used up by the time i tested out the oak leaf and acorn ... i dunno if i will ever again try to draft a paper-pieced design ... and i have an even greater respect for those who make it look easy cuz it ain't, lemmetellya...


  1. I like your Aspen leaf. Great job!! Maybe you will just have to stop over and see what I was working on little Miss!

  2. WOW... you have caught my attention. What an awesome job you did!!!
    Love, love. love the leaves and the acorn is a great touch.
    This is my first FNSI so I was very happy to get something accomplished as well.
    Take care.

  3. You have amazing talent and patience for creating such beautiful leaves! I'm looking forward to seeing more of this. What a productive FNSI!

  4. All my life I thought it was my window, not the window.......but I am now learning it at choir, so I have been corrected too. Fortunately we are learning it in English, not French; that might be a bit much of a challenge. Your leaves are just fabulous, and if you had told me you wanted paper pieced leaf patterns I could have helped, because I have some. But you did terrifically well without any help!

  5. Petioles and all and to all a good night - good night your leaves (and petioles) and acorn are a wonderful sight to behold. You are a very talented girl! Sing a little off key but still ...

  6. Hahaha -- well, easy or not, you've done a super job. I love the pretty batiks you've used too.

  7. Totally awesome! It's great to be friends with a fellow designer.... LOL. Being broke is a great motivator--a trait we also share.

  8. I think it IS "MY window". How could I forget a thing like that? I sang it a million times in glee club back in the early 70's.

    On to other things...You did a great job drafing your own pattern. Now sell it and make your 29 cents an hour back!

    BTW I can no longer leave comments on your blog with my Google account. Somethings haywire!
    Teresa (MamaT)