Saturday, June 11, 2011

breakfast of champions

if i get any behinder ... well ... i just might catch up with myself
let's see ... where did i leave off ... memorial weekend ... three days off ... what to do ... what to do ... oooo! i know!!!

first, start with a nutritious breakfast...Auntia - in her Pirates of the Caribbean mouse ears - and breakfast - Whoppers and Butterfingers and Dots
and follow it up with a little break...ooooo!!! air conditioning and Hot. Men. inside!!!
stop for a little sight-seeing...Auntia and Captain Jack Sparrow - why do sweet young things always go for the bad boys?!?
and then do it again...Thor ( the movie, not the sewing machine) and Dots and Raisinets - who could ask for more?!?
and when we weren't gorging on candy and gawking at the silver screen, we found time to honor our dead...lives well-lived
and visit the living...Little Nonnie (on one of her better days) and Auntia
and clip some wings...a gazllion flying geese, give or take a dozen or two

i cooked hamburgers and hot dogs with fire and mowed ... Auntia planted and watered ... we cleaned and laundered and weeded ... and laughed a lot and cried a bit and talked ... and laughed some more ... a sip or two of wine ... aaaaaahhhhh!!!


  1. Gosh, sounds like the perfect weekend!

  2. Wonderful way to spend the long weekend! Sounds like the best!

  3. What a beautiful baby girl! You've made me think that maybe, maybe, our first grandson isn't a figment of our imagination. It's so hard to imagine babies before they're here and then it's impossible to imagine them not being here.

    Re your kind offer - wow. Do you really mean it?

    Your blog is one of those for which Blogger is forcing me to be Anon. but actually I'm Isabelle. I wish Blogger would fix itself!

  4. Haven't been to Thor, thought Pirates was a little flat. What would you do without Aunita? Great ears! What's up with all those geese? I love 'em!

  5. That sounds awesome! I have yet to see a summer movie.... Michael took Alex to see Kung Fu panda yesterday.

    Am I seeing things or do Nonnie and A a lot alike--a couple of generations apart, of course?