Wednesday, May 25, 2011

sleeping beauty

when it was time for nap, LuLu used to sleep in a play yard also known as a playpen by politically incorrect people ... like me in my room ... there are always warning signs when a little one is getting too old for a play yard ... when you walk into the room and the kid is buck naked with clothes, toys, blankets and binkies tossed over the side ... when you walk into the room and find the kid with one leg thrown over the top of the play yard, and the other leg soon to follow ... when you hear a loud thump and the kid comes running down the hall toward you, yelling

i do it myself!!!

we might have noticed one or two ... or three of those signs last week ... so we used a 50% off coupon at JoAnn's to buy a Tangled nap mat for LuLu ... Auntia decided that the nap mat pillow wasn't fluffy enough, so she made some pillowcases ...but we didn't have extra pillows to stuff them with for LuLu's first nap...aaaaawwwww!!! my little LuLu is soooo doggone cute!!!

she fell asleep anyway because...

there is no pillow so soft as a clear conscience
French proverb


  1. peaceful! You should show her this when she is 14YO......

  2. I LOVE that girl!! Lulu sure dresses fancy for her naps! She's going to be something when she grows up, I sure hope I'm around to find out what!

    My favorite pictures of my baby girl are when she was sleeping!

  3. Awwww, your little Lulu is getting so BIG! And look at those adorable little leggings!

  4. uhh, no quilt with an extra loft batting to sleep on? No quilt to snuggle under??? :-)
    No kidding, she looks adorable and I agree with the comment that she sure dresses fancy: Love the skirt!

  5. I notice too that she has her little arms wrapped around MY pigmy puff. It's a good thing that I love her.

  6. I love the eyes that you see her through. Love abounds especially in the chronicles of the Play Pen - aren't they called that anymore.

    My word is penobi - hm-m-m must be some meaning there with this post ...

  7. So cute. I don't think my conscience was ever as clear as that... (Isabelle)