Sunday, May 22, 2011

hormonal derangement

not that anyone here would know anything about raging hormones...

have i ever told you about the time when a sullen, hormonal teenager and an emotional, hormonal pregnant twenty-something and a worn-out menopausal, hormonal forty-
something all lived under the same roof? this roof, to be exact ... sometimes i wonder how we all lived through it without our heads spinning in circles and spewing pea soup on the kindly priest...

anywho ... this month's Hot Flashes BOM block is hormonal derangement...mine
my little kit was cut from the same bolt of Shades fabric as Auntia's...Auntia's
and i tried to get her to trade with me cuz periwinkle blue is way more awesome than pink even though i do love pink, too but she has developed super powers when it comes to not hearing my whining ... Sheri the Shop Owner made the blocks with Shades fabric and with batiks...Sheri's Hormonal Derangement blocks
i like this block ... but it will finish at 15 inches and i think i would like it better if it was Thelma Sized to a 9 inch block

i am taking copious notes in a Wonder Woman spiral ... and we are keeping our pattern and kits in a Wonder Woman folder ... so Auntia decided that we needed a Wonder Woman sumpin to keep everything in one place...Wonder Woman ... Wonder Woman
all the world is waiting for you
and the powers you possess
in your satin tights
fighting for your rights
and the old red white and blue
make a hawk a dove
stop a war with love
make a liar tell the truth
stop a bullet cold
make the Axis fall
change their minds and change the world

you're a wonder, Wonder Woman ... but i cannot even imagine an island filled with hormonal Amazons


  1. 15 inches is a HUGE block! But you don't need so many of them to make a quilt......of course you need a Wonder Woman thingy because you are definitely a wonder!

  2. Great color selection in the purple block. Very effective shading. Visiting from FNSI

  3. HAHA...I would love to visit an Island of Hormonal Amazons for a day if men were there also, wouldn't that just scare the #$%^ out them!!

    I'm with you on the 9 inch block, of course I am!

    How wild that your block and Auntia's look so different, I think your's will go better with the rest of the quilt....that's my story and I'm sticking with it!

  4. oh my goodness, I somehow just stumbled across your blog - your writing is so funny and I'm really enjoying reading back entries.

    I have to ask where you found the Wonder Woman bag! I dressed up as WW for halloween 2 years ago and have quite the fondness for her - that bag is awesome!