Saturday, May 21, 2011

herd of birds

last night was the Friday Night Sew-In and it was for the birds...
no blue skies around here the past few days ... maybe i should have waited for the leaves to dry a bit
i've been piecing flying geese for the past couple of weeks ... after some slicing and dicing and a bit of heat those became these...gaggle of geese ... herd of birds
i am not too keen on the idea of trimming a gazillion little birdies, lemmetellya

i worked on HPV not the virus a bit, paper-piecing patterns for tombstones?!? seriously?!?
i couldn't find any patterns for tombstones, so the Little Red Hen had to do it herself...a bit morbid, innit?!?
i had never tried to draft a paper-piecing pattern before ... they'll do, i guess

maybe today i will get the grass mowed and some of those weeds pulled ... yeah, like that's gonna happen when i have a gazillion wings to clip


  1. Can't have a creepy village without a tombstone or two! Love the new exotic birdies.

  2. You have been "slicing and dicing" havinyeah. LOVE your post!!!
    PS Your apron is my official non shop owner apron at the shop - figure that out and you get something ... :o)

  3. I'd rather trim geese than pull weeds...which is probably why my flower beds are full of weeds. Thanks for your comment on my blog...yes, she does make beautiful babies...and yes middle child does some awesome photography. Maybe someday SHE'll make some babies, too. LOL

  4. Wow!

    I know who I'm going to ask to make my geese from now on.....

    M mowed yesterday. His shoes are green now. I think he should have lawn mowing shoes.

    I think my kids have superpowers, too. I bet you're disappointed that the new Wonder Woman series didn't get picked up for fall?!