Thursday, May 5, 2011

mental pause

was the Hot Flashes BOM for april ... the Shades fabric is soooo thin (kinda like a cheap sheet) that the camera's flash was reflected off the floor behind it when i tried to take a picture, so i put last month's block under Mental Pause...mine with brown
and of course you can see the other blocks a bit around the edges...Auntia's with black
there is a quilter in the meeting after ours who is making her blocks with a black background - i didn't get a good picture of it cuz they were actually behaving in their meeting - but you can kinda see it draped over the back of the chair...Sheri is demonstrating construction of the Hot Flashes blocks in another fabric line for the 2nd BOM group
most of us thought we needed to use cream or white backgrounds with the Shades fabric, but it actually looks pretty doggone awesome with black ... not awesome enough for me to start over, but Edna (the mother part of the other mother/daughter team ... you know, the ones who are almost as much fun as Auntia and i are) has decided to redo hers in black ... maybe i will get a better picture at the meeting on saturday morning...


  1. I don't use a lot of black in backgrounds, but I'd like to see a version of it in this quilt.

    Oh..especially if George Clooney was laying on it! haha...I'm going to think about that ALL day now!

  2. I really like black or dark backgrounds because I just can't imagine a white quilt not getting filthy after two seconds at my house.

    I like that shades fabric!

  3. Wow, you are right.....the black is somewhat awesome, and the bright blue with it too.......but I wouldn't be bothered starting again either. I would have to love it almighty hugely to do that.

  4. Now I'm learning to machinepiece, i see perfect points everywhere (except in MY quiltroom:(
    I love the blocks in whatever colour!