Saturday, December 11, 2010

what would YOU do?

well ... Mr. Modem seems to have had a change of heart ... and i'm gonna post a picture or two

Auntia said that she wanted a white chocolate raspberry cake for her birthday ... i tried to tell her that raspberries are outta season and if she really wanted a white chocolate (seriously?!? white chocolate?!? why bother?!?) raspberry cake, she should have been born in summer ... anywho ... i had to go to the store to buy the raspberries and cake mix and frosting and white chocolate chips... and that's not counting the eggs and oil and flour and oven time
after a gazillion trips up and down the same aisles looking for things i don't normally buy like white chocolate i realized that it was getting really, really late ... it was dark ... and cold ... and i knew that when i made it back home i still had to bake the lasagna and make a salad before i could start in on the cake ... and there was the FNSI list to consider...
i took a quick walk around the bakery and found this...white chocolate (check) raspberry (check) ... gasp ... already ready
i felt like John Quinones ... what would YOU do? trim a quilt or bake a cake ... trim a quilt or bake a cake ... so i kept the cake ingredients in the cart ... and added the already-made but incredibly expensive cake, too ... then i went home and told the birthday girl who was busy ignoring the sinks full of dirty dishes that i'd decided to splurge and give her a fancy bakery cake instead of a homely, homemade one ...... seriously, what would you do?
trim the quilt and eat the cake!!!


  1. oMG! I am salivating just looking at the picture of this cake. It looks so darn good!!!

    Happy B'day.....

  2. Well, what I would have done is exactly what you did except, I would have put the ingredients back (or better yet, asked/begged the store clerk to return them for me). Happy birth day to you too! PS nice quilt eh!

  3. Are you kidding me, that cake was MADE for Auntia, and was just waiting for you to come pick it up...I bet that cake was wondering why you were running all over the store buying things other than that cake...was it as good as it looked?

  4. Haha -- I love the way you sold the cake to her. And I know she was ignoring the dishes, but you can't expect the birthday girl to do WORK during the birthday week -- can you???

  5. I'm sure you made the right decision.