Thursday, December 2, 2010

nope ... not yet

thank you for the quilty love for neat ... sweet ... petite ...... i gotta say that Blogland liked it a lot more than i did ... i was more than ready for it to go live in someone else's world

still can't bring myself to put pen to paper or, rather, fingers to keyboard and write about the drama and trauma shudder

Kim asked, so i'm gonna show how HPV not the virus is coming along...Hester's U-Pick
is stitched ... and...Spooky Lou's Quality Pre-Owned Brooms
is stitched ... and of course there can't be a used-broom lot without a service department...bristle lube while you wait ... yeah, i've heard that one before
i dunno where the first picture that i took of the service shop went it's probably in digital hell ... so i took it again in incandescent light which isn't very green of me but CFLs make my stomach heave and it looks kinda orange but it isn't in real life ... anywho ... that's ten buildings stitched ... and two more to go ... sigh


  1. This is such a fun design - haven't seen it here, probably because we are just catching on to Halloween. How do you plan to set the blocks?

  2. Wow -- it looks like you're making great progress on HPV!

  3. Ok, so enquiring minds want to know...What did Kim ask?? Lovin' HPV (not the virus) too. Great job!!!