Saturday, December 18, 2010

half-baked fruitcake

last night was the second FNSI for december ... unlike Auntia, i didn't get an early start ... i know, i know, i know that it was the one week anniversary of her 24th birthday, but jeez-louise enough already ... anywho ... i worked on the last of the embroidered teapots for the PPSS BOM quilt...
we're three little teapots - short and stout
that's 24 of them and i am done ... and the next time i get a brilliant idea that involves paper-piecing and embroidery, would somebody please smack me upside the head?!?

last year i fell in love with Figgy Pudding by Basic Grey for Moda ... but i waited for it to go on sale at my lqs and missed out on all but the peppermint/brown/ice blue ... so when i found out that this year Basic Grey was gonna have Fruitcake, i ordered a layer cake and two charm packs, sight unseen ... i really should have waited ... fruitcake is okay, but it ain't figgy pudding ... anywho ... i had the precuts and bought a bit of yardage so i could make christmas packages with the layer cake and a smaller version with the charm packs ... except i didn't really like making the christmas package blocks and i was sure that making twice as many of the same block with 5 inch squares instead of 10 inch squares was not gonna be something i'd ever make myself do ... so i decided to try out the Lil Twister that Auntia bought for me with some of her shop hop winnings on the charm packs ... i sewed 81 of the charms together into a big square with a three inch border all around and then started whacking away with a rotary cutter and the Lil Twister ... we don't have a design wall, so i cut and sewed one row at a time and ended up with looks wavy cuz i was too tired to straighten it out on the floor
which is kinda cool considering that the pinwheels didn't require cutting any triangles or matching any points even if i am not all that crazy about most of the fabric ... i like these little guys...think they're getting dizzy?
they look like little snowmen marshmallows swirling around in a cup of hot chocolate ... anywho ... i worked on the twisted fruitcake last night after i finished embroidering the teapots ... i was ready to put on the outer border of my one and only figgy pudding fabric...bleck!!!
oh. no. that is not gonna work ... so the little flimsy is folded up and put away till i finish with the layer cake blocks - maybe there will be a bit of border fabric left for twisted fruitcake

the oven timer just went off and now i am gonna go eat a big piece of chicken pot pie cuz that's how i roll


  1. Bleck is right......often different ranges by the same designer still go well together but I'm sorry, last year's Figgy Pudding does not go with Fruitcake......chicken pot pie sounds very yummo, I have just had a small fruit mince pie and thoroughly enjoyed it too......time for coffee now!

  2. WOW, you accomplished a lot, still loving those teapots, great job. I'm also loving your Lil Twister quilt, it sounds like it would be labor intensive but it sure looks great. I don't think it needs an outer border, I think it looks done!

  3. Don't you just hate it when there is a line that you miss out on? For me it was Swell. I ended up with Sweet but didn't like it as much as Swell. I like how your little top came out. Isn't it wonderful to finish all that embroidery too? Embroidery and paper piecing?? Seriously what were you thinking???

  4. LOVE the little teapots...short and stout, just like me...hehehe

    I like the Lil Twister, but not that's too much somehow.

  5. Oooh, pot pie -- now I'm hungry in the middle of the night. What a great quilt -- although I'm with you -- what can replace Figgy Pudding. And I didn't get any of it boohoo. I can't keep buying more fabric -- just can't LOL!

  6. I like it (the lil twister) AND I like the teapots, but I'm with you--paper piecing and embroidery?! Call me and I'll knock some sense into you. HAHA

  7. I would've smacked you...if I would've caught what you were doing...I'm dense sometimes. Me and PP just don't get along at all.

    Love the lil twister. Gonna have to make one. How big did it end up being after all the cutting and sewing was done?