Friday, December 3, 2010


there are gonna be two Friday Night Sew-Ins this month

the first one is next friday
december 10, 2010
and the crowd goes wild cuz that is
my baby girl's 24th birthday

and the second one is the next friday
december 17, 2010
and the crowd goes wild again cuz that is
the one week anniversary of my baby girl's 24th birthday

mmm hmmm...
december is all about Auntia


  1. Everyone needs a birthday month! So happy that December is Auntia's!

  2. You're hysterical! There's nothing more exciting than the one week birthday anniversary LOL!

  3. And then there will be December 24, which will be the two week anniversary.......

  4. Good to know these things. Happy (early) birthday, Auntia! Here I thought it was all about my son (Dec 26th birthday)