Wednesday, March 3, 2010

what did i just say?

i must say those words a dozen times every day ... and no one ever gives me the right answer no surprise there ... not even when i say them to myself ... sheesh

anywho ... i took a break from working on HPV not the virus by starting another Crab-apple Hill design called Snowflake Angel ... i couldn't find an aqua polka dot fabric or a red polka dot fabric or a white on white snowflake fabric ... out came the ME charm pack still in its little paper wrapper for The Caroler ... white on white snowflake fabric ... and blue on blue snowflake fabric ... and red on red snowflake fabric ... so i went to Desperate Quilters and found the white snowflakes ... and the blue snowflakes ... but no red snowflakes ... so out came the ME charm pack for Attitude Girls also still in its little paper wrapper ... how 'bout the red plaid? that will do ... so i ordered all of the fabrics and made a list of the floss colors for the next time DMC went on sale at JAF ... the fabric arrived ... but the floss didn't go on sale ... so i cut the fat quarter and traced out the design and waited ... and waited ... and waited ... and just when i was about to pay full price shudder for the floss - lo and behold - it went on sale plus 10% off my entire purchase ... woo hoo! but when i looked at the floss it became clear that there was no way #3753 and #3811 and #3817 were gonna go with ME The Caroler blue on blue snowflakes ... so i put them in the basket just in case and picked out three other skeins that were the right blues and took my treasures home ... i put all of the different flosses in floss keepers and labeled them and stole a package of embroidery needles from the HPV stuff and a pair of embroidery scissors from the HPV stuff and the hoop from the HPV stuff and put my stitching goodies together in a Debbie Mum snowman tin that was 60% off just before christmas...i love it when a plan comes together
i made myself wait till Morgana's Apothecary was stitched before i let me start on the snowflake angel ... i'm just sayin' ... there i was not paying much attention and stitching away when i realized that i didn't like my brown snowflake angel...brown snow? i don't think so
so i picked out the stitches and tried again with blue...brown was better than yellow would have been ... but blue is better than brown ... i'm just sayin'
i like it a lot better ...... in the meantime ...... i finished hand stitching the binding on Mr. Husker's Homestead and stitched a naming square on the back ... upside down ... on the wrong end ... sheesh ... so that has been taken apart and restitched, too ... now i need to come up with a good name for it since no one calls my brother-in-law Mr. Husker to his face because Husker is his brother's wife's pot-bellied pig's name ... the quilt is my representation of his universe according to me ... the other 60th birthday quilts have song names ... the only song name i could find with universe in the title is Across the Universe ... but Doogal is not a fan of the Beatles ... Mrs. Moth suggested Duane's World ... which is pretty doggone funny ... but Doogal is not a fan of Mike Myers or Dana Carvey ... it's a dilemma


  1. What did I just say??? It may not come out of my mouth but I sure am thinking it.....

    Your embroidery gathering from far and wide, prepping, patiently waiting to work on, lovingly stored in a tin no less, and exquisitely stitched is a joy to hear about.

    I can hardly wait to read about the title that you pick for Husker Q.


  2. Life is a dilemma. How about King Without a Crown? Well, maybe not. Or then there's apparently a song called John Doe on a John Deere--yeah, I know he doesn't like John Deere tractors, but that's what would be so funny--HA! Ah! I think I HAVE it! How about Farmer in the Dell?

  3. I want you to know that I enlarged the photo so I could look at your embroidery goodness Dianne, the stitches are perfect, just perfect. I like the new pattern btw.

    I like Kim's suggestion ...farmer in the Dell!

  4. I'm no good at naming quilts, I just do: "red/white" and "plaids"....
    The blue snowman angel is much better than the brown. It's more uhhh, cold? Your stitches ARE perfect; I enlarged the pic too :)

  5. (Note to me: If I post a photo of my embroidery, don't make is clickable to enlarge. Yikes!)

  6. Now that is one cute snowman. I agree with you on the yellow.....we won't go there.....
    Perhaps Home on the Range? Oh give me a home etc.....

  7. Yes, we do sound like we're having a similar week!

    Love the snowman......

    We need to talk, because I think I need a soccer practice project and I don't applique. May be I could do some embroidery? What do you recommend?

  8. You're so funny! I love Crabapple Hill patterns! That blue is perfect -- it's going to be really cute!

  9. That all sounds very complicated! Yes, the blue is definitely good.