Friday, March 12, 2010

what's in a name?

the nominees for the new name for Mr. Husker's Homestead were...

Home on the Range
John Doe on a John Deere
Duane's World
Homeward Bound
Pay Dirt
Wally's World
Rocky Mountain Way
Rocky Mountain High
Across the Universe
House of the Rising Sun
Guess He'd Rather Be In Colorado
Farmer in the Dell

and the winner was ... none of the above

after hours and hours of deliberation and giving up on ever finding an appropriate name that wouldn't offend any one of the very few people who might even care ... i called my mother ... and did not talk to her about the quilt at all ... she thinks naming quilts is about as important as making them ... which would be not too ... she talked about what a bum deal life is in general and how messed up her world is in particular and i listened to her in a half-hearted kinda way ... and when we hung up i remember thinking that she is living in a very different world than mine ... cuz my world is pretty doggone wonderful ... warts and all ... and i went on with my evening ...... and then i realized i was humming my very most favorite Louis Armstrong song...

What A Wonderful World

i have to agree with Annemiek ... inside my head it will always be Mr. Husker's Homestead

and ... so ... that's the new name

i used the leftover fabric from the University of Nebraska flag to make a cover for it...Doogal was quite impressed with that U of N fabric
and lined it with cows...the copyright on the cow butt kisses fabric is 1993 ... i knew i would find a good use for it someday
when i wrote the final entry in my quilt journal, i looked back over six pages of notes that spanned more than a year and found this...sounded like a plan
i dunno ... Auntia says that i was obsessed with it - but in a good way ...... there were very few moments when working on this quilt was not a joy ... seriously ... i loved making this quilt ...... but i had some real concerns about whether or not my brother-in-law was gonna like it


  1. That is really fan-flaming-tastic! I hope he likes it, and more importantly appreciates it.

  2. Is this one of those "To Be Continued" posts? 'Cause I got to the end and was yelling, "Well, Dianne, DID HE?! He DID, didn't he? He HAD TO! Of COURSE he liked it! Didn't he?" ARGH! Well, I think it's wonderful! Lovely job! (By the way, I'm also muttering, "A QUILT JOURNAL? Really? Geez, I'm impressed!" You see, I'm not that organized, even when I'm designing something I'm going to make into a pattern--I just have a gazillion scraps of paper floating around the Sweat Shop. Again, may I just say, "ARGH!?" You are SUCH the better person.)

  3. There is nothing about this quilt that's not amazing, every little piece, including the bag and bag lining is my favorite part! This should be on display someplace, where i don't know...... but someplace!

    I'm with Kim, I'm sure b-i-l liked it, but was he blown away, absolutely speechless, moved to tears....WHAT!!

  4. I love this quilt....and because as quilts should be: it's more than just a quilt. I always think of my quilts this way. What was going on while I was making it, how I picked out the fabric, the blood/sweat/tears went into making it,etc.
    I love the corn in the border! I think this is the first time I've seen the whole quilt pictured.

  5. At least you got something fancy to put on the label of your homestead quilt..*lol*

  6. I think you chose a great name. But since this took so much of your time, what now??

  7. Dianne....I'm amazed at Mr. Husker's Homestead quilt (I know you named it What a Wonderful World) and I'm amazed that you keep a quilt journal...omg I can't believe how organized you are and how you saw your idea to fruition.

    Wonderful quilt...just wonderful!