Saturday, March 20, 2010

plop plop fizz fizz

i dunno if it was the corned beef and veggies or the beer bread or the bread pudding ... maybe it was because i didn't wash it all down with irish coffee or red wine ... or i may have angered the saints by insisting that they share the day ... whatever ... my insides are really, really angry with me today and it feels like there is a little man sitting on my head and pounding away at my skull with a sledge hammer ... anywho ... this is what i worked on last night for the Friday Night Sew-In...half full or half empty?
this is the first of twenty-four or so embroideries that i will need to stitch for what i want to do with the paper-pieced BOM sampler blocks...i'm a little teapot - short and stout
the quilt shop is not selling the fabric that is used in the blocks because then they wouldn't have enough for the BOM kits ... i gotta say if i was a quilt shop owner and i went to the trouble of making kits and demonstrating techniques and opening the doors early for an extremely low fee that didn't even cover the cost of the fabric in order to get people into my shop so they would spend money i would make sure that i had supplies on hand for my customers to buy in order to finish their blocks into a quilt of some kind ... the same thing happened with the Saturday Sampler 2 blocks - they stopped carrying the coordinating Lakehouse fabrics two months into the club ... i dunno ... maybe the other quilters are there just for the camaraderie and tips on technique and not for a finished quilt ... anywho ... i ordered the white on white looping daisy Maywood fabric on-line from The Tattered Rabbit and received very good service, by the way ... the design is traced from Aunt Martha's Hot Iron Transfers ... which i now have beau coup of cuz i couldn't decide what i wanted to stitch and there didn't seem to be 24 of any one thing ... most are related designs in groups of 7 or 9 or 12 ... so i'm gonna combine teapots and teacups and maybe reverse some of the designs in order to have enough alternate blocks ... whaddya think?

Auntia is doing a really cool sumpin sumpin with her paper-pieced blocks ... she'll be posting for the Friday Night Sew-In later today
and now i'm gonna go be miserable somewhere else


  1. Hope you are feeling better by now.....that will be a pretty quilt, you know.

  2. Hope you're feeling better today. Did you have leftovers, maybe it's best if you save them for another day?

    I LOVE the teapots and teacups idea, I can't think of anything better, although I'm partial to teacups, even have one sitting in my sewing room so I may be a tad biased.

    You are off to a good start with this project.

    What's up with the fabric shop, are they not in business to make money, cuss if that's the case, they should just open their doors and hand out scissors as you walk in and let folks just cut and keep what they want.

  3. That will teach you to anger the saints lassie! Love how this is turning out and I agree with you. What's up with a shop not having stuff to finish the quilt with? At the very least they could take orders for "finishing kits" or something when you join up. It's all about marketing people!!

  4. Oooh, I love blue and white - what a cute little quilt! I hope you're feeling better today!

  5. Sorry St Patrick did you in! Hope you have recovered.... Love that little tea pot and your blue blocks---what size are they? Smallish, I'm guessing since they're paper pieced? I'm a sucker for blue anyway, but these are so dainty. Lovely job. It never bothers me not to find an exact fabric---scrappy is the name of my game....