Friday, March 19, 2010

the feasts of saints joseph and patrick

today is st. joseph's special day and i am gonna celebrate by baking some bread pudding ... i guess that chunks of bread are close enough to bread crumbs, right? and i should probably find something red to wear ... i'm gonna just say no to the fava beans, though

st. patrick's day is Auntia's favorite holiday and she has been celebrating for the past two wee lassies
i wore my who's your paddy? shirt ... and Auntia started out with the green hoodie ... she changed her outfit at least three times on wednesday ... she has too many green-shamrock-kiss-me-i'm-irish-blarney-stone outfits to wear in just one day ... she even shared two of her hats with NoJo and Gumdrop... LuLu has about had it with those sproingy shamrocks
they wore them to school ... hats aren't allowed in the building except on holidays - there were lottsa santa hats around christmas - and my grandkids were the only ones with st. paddy's day hats ... Auntia has a green piggy bank that she's saving pennies in for her trip to ireland someday ... you'd think the woman was more potatoes than pasta, wouldn't you? well ... it just isn't so ... and LuLu likes to give it kisses...that does not resemble the blarney stone in the slightest
i didn't make it to the grocery store last weekend and there was no corned beef in the freezer ... there was a can of beer left in the back of the fridge from the six pack that Michael Myson bought for beer bread last year ... but i didn't get the beer bread made, either ... i did manage to defrost the package of green-tinted snoballs that i found in the freezer ... and Auntia baked some very special brownies (no - not that kind) from a recipe that she found on the land o'lakes website ... we drank irish coffee heavy on the irish and ate the brownies for dinner ... i heard Auntia mumbling something about what kinda feast was it gonna be without corned beef and beer bread and i thought the kinda feast that doesn't make the house reek ... anywho ... yesterday i went out and bought corned beef and cabbage and potatoes and green powdered sugar donuts ... the corned beef is finally on the stove - making its presence known by the nasty smell of boiling meat and foamy scum ... i like corned beef, but i think someone else should do the cooking for me - and soon after i've boiled the h-e-double-hockey-sticks out of it i will put it in the crock pot and slather a glaze all over it ... then i will stir up a loaf of beer bread and bake it next to the bread pudding ... i think that saints should play nicely together

tonight is the Friday Night Sew-In ... my jammies are already calling to me


  1. Corned beef is a tradition for us. My mom makes it. It was really good this year because she got the best type of corned beef from Tony's Meat Market. I made M eat the cabbage--I told him he wasn't going to just pick the meat, carrots, and potatoes out. I didn't wear green. C asked me what that Green Day was called again? (She's my almost high schooler so I was like, "What the heck are they teaching you kids these days?!") I was ready to stop off at an Irish Pub after my day at work, but alas I had to jet off to someone's soccer practice. Three of four are playing this year.

  2. Ah, the top o' th' mornin' to be sure, to be sure......nothing like a nice drop of Jamesons and green Guinness for breakfast.....

  3. Two posts in one day? First I thought I'd somehow missed visiting you for a bit but then I realized nope, didn't miss a thing! What are you working during the Sew-In? I was thinking about the jammies thing, but you know what? I really only changed OUT of mine a few hours ago, so I'm not ready yet. (Shhhhh! Don't tell anyone, okay?! I'm such a lazy thing!) I had no idea it was St. Joseph's Day--in fact, I'm not real clear on who St. Joseph is, except isn't he the guy who helps you sell your house? Like St. Joseph, the Realtor? St. Patrick, though, I know. In fact, did you know they have St. Patrick's Day T-shirts on sale at WalMart now that the day has passed? Hubby found one last night and was pretty excited. Enjoy your feast tonight!

  4. You did much more for St. Patrick's day than us, even if you were a day late, was the corned beef and cabbage on sale? Love all the festive headgear!!