Saturday, December 17, 2011

trimming trees

second (and final, officially - but prolly not around here) FNSI for december ... i FINALLY got around to piecing the trees for Over the River...
oh autumn treeee ... oh autumn treeee
how are thy leaves so solferino
 and now i need to take a moment to thank the on-line thesaurus for another word for the color purple (even though the leaves and branches are more puce than a moderate purplish red - the word puce is not nearly as poetic or fun to say as solferino, right?!?)...

the trees will finish at 3 inches by 9 inches and they are gonna be the bookends for the OTR embroideries... 

it was NICE to not have to work on the teetering tower anymore ... it did occur to me that my grandkids prolly don't look at this blog - and i could post pictures of the actual quilts before the solstice ...... but not today ...... today i am going to watch this little person...
Gumdrop's wish for christmas
dance dance dance!!!


  1. That little gumdrop sure is cute! As are those lovely trees. When I see how much stitching you finish, I can't help feeling like a slug....But I have plans for the New Year. Boy! Do I have plans.....Something about me turning into a stitching dynamo at midnight on the last day of the year.......Just like I do every year.....Hmmmm, tradition, it dies hard!

  2. Go, Gumdrop girl! I do like your trees, they are cute....and that is a very interesting background, is it a quilt?

  3. Awwww....Did Gumdrop lose her dog? My boys lost theirs, too. So sad. Got your sweet card today. Thanks! Still nagging hubby to finish "the letter". Will probably be late, as usual. Merry Christmas!

  4. I love your trees....I think the best part is the fabrics you used!!

  5. Love the trees. Gumdrop is adorable!!