Saturday, December 10, 2011


what i didn't do for the first FNSI this month...
over with ... done ... finished
because the very last stitch of the very last binding was taken on thursday evening ... late ... very late ... too late to want to get up on time the next day... 
but they are finished and ready to go live somewhere else... 
woo hootie hoo!!!
so ... friday night was open ... i could work on any thing in the Great Pile of Stuff and not feel guilty about neglecting the quilts for my precious grandbabies bless their little hearts ... HPV not the virus or OTR or the Ghastlies or the Shepherd's Bush stockings or the Northern Lights blocks or the Hot Flashes blocks or Snow Days or Calendula Patterdrip's Cottage or the peppermint blocks or the snow angels or the scrapbook pages for Michael Myson that i have to have finished by august or i'll flunk motherhood or the double wedding ring quilt or or or or or or or...

i dunno ... just thinking about the stuff i have started ... and the stuff i want to start ... and the stuff i don't even remember ... well ... it made me tired ... so i took some ibuprofen and went to bed...

and today has been filled up with Auntia's 25th birthday bless her heart ... she is waiting to use the computer so she can post about her own FNSI which was much more productive than mine lemmetellya so i'm gonna go cut another piece of birthday cake and drink a cuppa sumpin sumpin



  1. Finished is a good feeling! Sometimes the Great Pile of Stuff becomes overwhelming, when this happens the best thing is to turn your back on it and forget it's there. If something in it really needs doing, it will bite you on the bum soon enough.

  2. Wow! That's quite a pile. Your list of things you've started sounds like mine. But hey! That's the best part--starting something new! Happy birthday Melissa!

  3. It's kind of funny, because although I DID sew Friday night, I sort of forgot it was FNSI! LOL! I always seem to do that. I remembered last night but figured I'd just let it go. Congrats on getting your gift quilts finished--that's a HUGE accomplishment!

  4. Happy Birthday Melissa!!! And WOOHOO to you -- I knew you could do it -- Congratulations!!!

  5. There, there! You DO deserve a break. You are a very good girl and deserve a medal, not to mention a cuppa of sumpin very strong and giddifying.....

  6. Happy belated....

    Way to go in getting SO much done!


  7. Happy Birthday to Melissa!! I know what that gotta list looks like. It sure can be daunting!