Saturday, January 22, 2011

press 1 for English

press 2 for German ... notdyrftig
press 3 for Dutch ... mager*
press 4 for Italian ... per meagre
press 5 for French ... maigre
press 6 for Spanish ... magro**


mea·ger (gər)


  1. thin; lean; emaciated
  2. of poor quality or small amount; not full or rich; inadequate***

Origin: ME megre <>megre (Fr maigre) <>macer, lean, thin <>makro- <>māk-, long and thin > Gr makros, long, OE mæger, meager

Brit., etc. sp. meagre mea′·gre

and that*** about sums up what i accomplished for last night's FNSI...
small amount ... inadequate
a little bit of embroidery on HPV (not the virus) and two corners of hand stitching down the back of the binding of LuLu's quilt...

sigh ... i'd blame it on Molly's comment on my last post (hi Molly!!! please don't stop coming here - i promise to be bad!!!) ... but in real life, i actually am a lazy sluggard who kicks back a bit too frequently ... bwah ha ha ha!!!

**Traveling Man


  1. It's comforting, once in awhile, to find "meager" on here! Such cheerful colors! No skimping there!

  2. Wow, learning a new language and getting to see what you didn't get done on your FNSI!! I'm with you about the lazy sluggard deal. sometimes (like yesterday) I just want to kick back and do nothing.

  3. Well, a little accomplished is better than nothing. It sure looks like a whole lot more than nothing. Beautiful colors!

  4. Sometimes sluggarding is so nice, though.