Thursday, January 20, 2011

eye of the wolf

last november i posted about a quilt that i started for Auntia's christmas present ... i had a few flying geese made and i didn't think there was any possibility of it becoming a full-grown quilt by december 25 ... there was too much to do - christmas baking and christmas decorating and christmas card writing and christmas shopping and christmas present wrapping and christmas program attending and all the christmas stuff that fills up the month of december...

i made pizzelles one cold morning - and that was the extent of my christmas baking ... i hung the christmas wreath on the front door and changed the flamingo into his santa outfit - and that was the extent of my christmas decorating ... i couldn't find the christmas cards that i bought the day after christmas last year - so Auntia gave me some of her leftover cards from the past few years and i managed to write my name and address a few very few times ... christmas shopping was almost nonexistent and Auntia wrapped the few presents that we did buy and might have paid for by next christmas ... i did manage to attend the two winter programs that three of my grandbabies were in although the last one was a close call since i didn't know about it till the evening before the day of ... and when i wasn't doing christmas stuff and daily stuff - i worked on Auntia's quilt...

and i actually finished it in time for christmas morning...
rollo and pack
the backing is a wolf-print flannel ... thousands of amber eyes staring at me while i was sewing down the binding...i've had enough of wolves, lemmetellya
but they did inspire the name...every breath you take and every move you make
i'll be watching you was my last finish for 2010 ... Auntia was my last finish for 1986

tomorrow is january's FNSI ... woo hoo!!!


  1. Ok, so Rollo's pack was not a pack of wolves! It was Ian, Claire and Jamie. Where are they on this quilt?? It is seriously a beauty. I LOVE it (even if it is missing his "real" pack!) XOP

  2. I may have to stop coming here if you keep this up. It makes my heart pound and sets my teeth to chattering! I haven't finished so much as one measly block, since the start of the year, never mind [exactly how many?] a full sized quilt! Your wolves are magnificent. Seem appropriate for Colorado.....Now please, kick back and be lazy and let us sluggards catch up for a bit!

  3. Fantabulous!!! Love it! Makes me want to howl!

  4. It's Beautiful with a capital B. It is inspiring to know how much we can get done if we set our priorities right!

  5. Wow! That quilt turned out REALLY nice! Sometimes it's just better to sew and forget the rest of the stuff.