Wednesday, January 19, 2011

bombs away!!!

waaaay back in march 2009 yeah ... i know i blogged about the signature wedding quilt that i made for Mrs. Moth ... and i said that the rest of the story would have to wait ... i didn't really expect it to take another two years to actually have a finish to the story and to the 63 leftover blocks ... anywho ...... i sewed the blocks into a 7x9 rectangle, added a purple dragonfly-print border, cut and sewed together the backing pieces and the binding pieces, bought a batt and some purple thread ... and stowed it all away under the quilting frame ... and they sat there for the looooongest time ... but now they are all together - quilted with loops and bound with purple flannel ... i used the original test block which i found hiding out with a bunch of other orphaned blocks for the naming block ... folded it all up and wrapped tissue paper around it ... found a box that it would fit in yeah - quilts usually fit in baby butt wipes boxes - they're not just for baby butts, you know - and Auntia wrapped the box in pretty wrapping paper ... today is Mrs. Moth's birthday ... and i actually had a gift finished on time if you don't count the other two birthdays that she's celebrated since i first started working on this...
what do you call a group of dragonflies? a swarm? a fetch? a nuisance?dragonfly squadron - yeah, like the movieMrs. Moth and her birthday quilt ... and LuLu
Dragonfly Squadron is my first finish for 2011 ... Mrs. Moth was my first finish for 1978

All good things arrive unto them that wait - and don't die in the meantime.

Mark Twain


  1. What an interesting block! Don't worry about it taking so long, you can't rush genius you know.......1978 must have been a good year, because I hatched one in December.

  2. You're so funny! Excellent first finishes -- in both years!

  3. I love dragonflies and your "squadron" looks beautiful! I'm presuming that Lulu will be the squadron commander? Jennifer is right---you can't rush genius! Pearls are not formed in a rush.....

  4. I love this!! I "need" your pattern. I have one that loves dragonflies!! Great finish!!!!!!