Monday, October 11, 2010

which under where

and so ... speaking of Kim ... she goes to thrift stores and comes home with treasure after treasure after treasure ... remember the motion-activated witch that cackles and flashes her red eyes when someone walks by? Kim took the old hag home and cleaned her up, dressed her in a red velvet dress and then asked for suggestions on an appropriate name ... something kind of original and/or catchy ... and i thought

well, that leaves me out - i got nothin'

and went on with the day ... but i kept thinking a
bout Kim's witch ... and thinking ... and thinking ... all of the regular old witch names kept running through my head - but nothing original and/or catchy

for weeks before the baby shower i was continually
making mad dashes to JoAnns/Party City/Bed, Bath & Beyond ... and i was thinking about Kim's witch as i was walking through the parking lot at JoAnns for the umpteenth time ... i was so distracted trying to come up with a name for the poor witchy woman that i almost walked smack into a parked car ... sheesh ... something original and/or catchy for a witchy woman dressed in red with red eyes who cackles ... red ... rose ... cackle ... cackling ... rose ... CACKLING ROSIE ... YES!!! not so original, but kinda catchy ... and i told myself

go directly home ... do not pass go ... do not collect $200
... go home and comment before someone else gets inspired and beats you to the punch

cuz i'm kinda competitive that way ... but i hadn't even made it into the store and i didn't have the stuff that i needed for the shower

Auntia ... Auntia can make the comment for me!!!

so i took Auntia's cell phone that she insists that i take with me whenever i go somewhere without her outta my pocket ... and then i c
ouldn't figure out how to call Auntia ... i couldn't remember how to dial out and forget using the address book thingamabob ... i walked into a concrete pillar while i was growling at the phone ouch and told myself

finish the stupid s
hopping and go home

... and then i left without getting everything i went in there for
because i was just SURE that someone else would beat me to the comment...

well ... no one did ... beat me to the comment, that is ... and Kim liked the name Cackling Rosie ... and she sent me a package in the mail...attorneys at law? holy crap ... what have i done now?!? Sacramento?!? oh y
eah ... that's right ... Kim works with attorneys ... whew!
with all of this...goodies galore!!! and a postcard from Minnesota (cuz neither one of us is there)!!!
i turned over the ribbon-tied package on the right and found...
hey ghoul friend! the pattern! in the flesh ... or, rather, in the paper, as it were
the pattern for Hey Ghoul Friend! oh ... my ... good ... gosh!!! i just sat and stared at it in wonder ... and then i realized that i could smell chocolate...
and inside the ribbon-tied package were all of these wonderful wonders!!! not just any chocolate ... thick bars of emergency chocolate and chocolate broomstick fuel! and ... and loooook!
how incredibly cool is that?!?
the witch's underwear fabric that i have searched for on the Internet and at every fabric store in a fifty mile radius for months and months! in my very own pile of goodies!
lottsa trims ... and even some buttons!

and i took the trims outta the bag and held them for a while, too ... so many of my favorite things all in one package ... how did she know?!?


  1. I love getting packages in the mail..and that sure is 1 fun package! Enjoy!

  2. Ooooo what a bunch of wonderful goodies!!! I know you are gonna have big fun with the Halloweeny treats!!!

  3. lucky are you, that's a great goody bag! Now you have your own witches' britches fabric, that's really cute.

  4. What a great package. Lucky you. I love that pattern.
    I saw some of that fabric on the E quilters website yesterday if you need any more

    Love and hugs Gina xxx

  5. You're hysterical! You know you're addicted to blogging when.... Congrats on your win!

  6. You are one lucky woman!! Congrats!

  7. LOL! I guess I haven't done much visiting this week since I'm just discovering you blogged about your reward! Have fun playing with what I sent and make sure you eat the chocolate, okay?! LOL!